5% Juul pods – the fruit of the vaping revolution

5% Juul podsModernity offers many hobby options. People often choose something traditional that has long become habitual. And as a result, overlook amazing directions! So, there is now quite actively developing a new form of cultural recreation –it is vaping.
Pods are the fruit of the vaping revolution, and their appearance is a true testament of the unique experience they provide. They offer a truly unique taste. It is the perfect combination of a refreshing taste combined with exciting nicotine content. The flavor provided is perfect when you relax on a warm summer day or when you need a little warmth in cloudy and dreary weather. If you’re looking for a new vaping experience, 5% Juul pods will definitely not disappoint you.

5% Juul pods are available with different flavors. Juul pods have such tastes as: mango, cool mint, classic tobacco, cold menthol, American tobacco, cucumber (yes, this is it) and a fruit mix. Each pod has different nicotine content from 3% to 5%. The concentration of nicotine in JUUL is more than two times higher than in other electronic cigarettes. Due to this concentration of nicotine, we get a device very similar to a regular cigarette, because salt nicotine is absorbed much faster in the body and it does not have a heavy throathit and you get the usual, heavy, vapor into the lungs, like from a regular cigarette.

The design of 5% Juul pods allows for maximum disclosure of taste and virtually eliminates any leakage, and the unique patented salt nicotine formula makes the saturation process instant and similar to regular cigarettes. One pod is designed for ~ 200 puffs and is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. Pods are available in packs of 2 and 4 pcs., Nicotine strength is 59 mg / ml.
The pod is actually the heart of the device, inside the monolithic structure of which there are contained the evaporative part and the liquid, while the pods cannot be refilled. The taste of the pod model will reveal the true freshness of taste with a characteristic aftertaste to the receptors, which are perfect for vaping.