Basic E-liquids Mr Fritter ingredients

E-liquids Mr FritterMany people want to know what is included into the electronic cigarette liquid. Now they are gaining popularity. Often, those who wish to quit smoking are switching to e-liquid brands. Depending on its composition, the taste and strength of e-cigarettes may vary. So, what is contained in e-liquids?

Electronic cigarette liquids include 3 basic E-liquids Mr Fritter ingredients:

propylene glycol;



Propylene glycol is a viscous liquid substance without color, which has a sweetish taste. This substance is practically odorless, easily soluble in water. Propylene glycol is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Another interesting property of propylene glycol is the ability to replace blood plasma, so this element is often used in the cases of blood loss. In the composition, it is a link between the remaining components of e-liquid, facilitates the transport of respiratory vapor into the lungs.

Studies have shown that propylene glycol and similar components are completely harmless to the body. Propylene glycol is allowed to be used in all countries.

Glycerin is an oily, transparent composition. It is used in medicine, food, chemical industry and cosmetics. It is widely used as a food additive in order to improve the density, it increases the volume of baking, is added for making tea, coffee and other beverages. We deal with glycerin every day when we eat or use cosmetics. In vaping devices, this component makes e-liquid flavors more saturated and thick, adds a sweet taste to the top vape flavors.

E-liquid nicotine is the only tobacco element that is contained in vape juice flavors with nicotine. But here it is inhaled in a purified form, and this is much safer than nicotine used in ordinary tobacco products. The availability of nicotine in the cheap premium vape juice helps a person trying to quit smoking, painlessly switch to the use e-liquids. When switching to electronic devices, it is recommended to gradually reduce the level of nicotine, and to subsequently reduce it to zero.