Battery, how to choose your accumulator?

An electronic cigarette works on a  rechargeable battery also called an accumulator.  It provides the energy necessary for its operation. There are several models of accumulators that adapt according to the type of e-cigarette and must take into consideration the habits of the vaper. Size, brand and characteristics, find out everything there is to know about electronic cigarette accumulators.

Choose your electronic cigarette battery: several types of accumulators

When deciding to switch to the electronic cigarette, several models are available to us, and many criteria must be taken into account to guide our choice. The battery is one of these essential characteristics, which will determine your way of vaping. There are thus 3  models of electronic cigarettes.

  • The electronic cigarette with integrated battery: on this model, the battery is integrated, and cannot be replaced or removed. To recharge it, you must then connect the entire electronic cigarette to the mains. This e-cigarette is interesting for beginners because it is very easy to use and does not require a separate charger. However, their lifespan is limited and when they wear out, the entire material must be changed.
  • “Electronic mods”: this model works with one or more batteries and offers interesting performance. The many possible settings offer great freedom of vape, which makes it the best-selling model. It is preferable to use a separate battery charger to optimize the life of your equipment.
  • “mechanical mods”: also called “Mecha mods” by their users, they are reserved for an audience of vaping experts. Indeed, without electronics to protect the user, these systems require a good knowledge of the accumulators and their capacities so as not to exceed their maximum amperage. These are very often mods used by most purists or fans of beautiful objects.

The characteristics of batteries for e-cigarettes

Once you have selected the mod that suits you the most,  choose the battery for your electronic cigarette. There are many models and they are not all adaptable to all mods.

The dimensions of the battery 

The classification of the batteries is done according to their dimensions. If until recently the choice was a real headache, today there are 4 major, distinct categories of batteries.

  • The 18650;
  • The 20700;
  • The 21700;
  • The 26650.

The first two determine the diameter of the battery, expressed in millimetres. The last two indicate the height, also in millimetres. The last number defines the shape of the accumulator  : 0 for a cylinder and 1 for a parallelepiped. 

Example:  A 21700 battery, therefore, has a diameter of 21 mm, a height of  70 mm and is cylindrical.

The characteristics of a battery 

Other indications are mentioned on the accumulator  which can help you in your choice:

  • mAh (milliamps per hour) determines the life of the e-cigarette battery. The higher the number, the greater the autonomy.
  • The CDC (continuous discharge current) expressed in Amperes, indicates the power and performance of the battery. Again, the higher the number, the more the battery will be able to deliver a high current and therefore allow greater power to be developed. 
  • The chemistry (IMR, ICR, LI-ION, LI-NI…) defines the chemical composition of the battery.

So, which battery for which mod? 

If not long ago, mods greatly favoured 18650 batteries, today more and more mods can support all types of batteries. It is then necessary to choose a battery according to your material and according to the sensations of vape sought. Here are some tips to guide you:

If you vape with very low resistance (in sub-ohm), you must choose a battery with a minimum CDC of 20A so that it ensures performance and safety despite the very high demand for the coils. For a vape with a higher resistance, the choice of the battery is then wider. Generally speaking, electronic mods will limit the current of the rig and protect you from overcharging. On mecha mod, we use Ohm’s law to know the current in the circuit:

  • U= RxI where U is the voltage (4.2V), R is the resistance of your atomizer and I is the current.
  • I= U/R. We will make sure to have an I which will remain below the manufacturer CDC.

Batteries from manufacturers, such as Sony or Samsung, offer models with reliable performance, perfectly suited to mods, whether electronic or mechanical.

Branded batteries offer “rebranded” batteries. They are very suitable for electronic mods.

Maintenance of electronic cigarette accumulators and precautions to take 

To ensure your safety and optimize the performance of your  e-cigarette batteries, several precautions should be taken:

  • Never leave them near a piece of metal, such as coins. If the battery turns out to be poorly protected, there is a high risk of gassing or short-circuiting.
  • Check the condition of the plastic protection of the battery (the wrap), because at the slightest shock, the negative pole becomes vulnerable and the risk of contact with the positive pole is high. The dangers are then the same as with contact with a metallic object.

If you notice that the wrap of your battery is damaged, even if it is possible to change this wrap, it is imperative to change your battery.