BEC Pro positive and Pros and The Cons

BEC Pro positive and Pros and The Cons

As we have already mentioned, the Smok BEC PRO is an innovative e-cigarette mod which features a bluetooth connection enabling the user to control their setting via their chosen electronic device.

It seems like all new advanced personal vaporizers (APV’s) tstick to one path trying to be better than other e-cigarette’s in the market. They either invent super high power output like the Clouper T8 and God 180 mod and or they use Bluetooth technology to create a super smart electronic cigarette.

The SMOK Bec Pro’s leading selling point is it’s Bluetooth capability. This attracts potential clients and inveterate smokers to try something new and irreplaceable.

It is considered the best-in-class power range up to 50 watts. It exerts consistent performance from the beginning to the end of the battery’s life. It is has a heavy stainless steel construction. These features contribute a proper functioning of the device.

However, Bluetooth disconnects very often; BEC Pro doesn’t save data when it is disconnected from mobile device. There may arise possible concerns about the build quality of the fire button.

If you got to know all the aspects, you can imagine whether this device will be perfectly convenient for you in anu situations.