The world of electronic cigarettes can sometimes scare beginners. Do you want to get into the electronic cigarette but you do not have all the answers to your questions? Of course, we are always here to help you. Explanation of what vaping is, key terms to know, how to choose and more.

Switching to electronic cigarettes can sometimes force us to ask ourselves some questions. What are the benefits? Why would I do that ? Know that there are two main advantages. The first is your health. Even if it is not yet proven that the vape is harmless, it is in any case much less dangerous than the classic cigarette.

What is an electronic cigarette made of?

As in any new universe, you will have to take some time to adapt to the terms and the elements to have. But once this is done, you will never again be lost to the point of not knowing how to handle a vaping situation. First of all, you need to know these few terms, which are the components of an electronic cigarette:

  • Battery or box : this is the element that we take in hand during the vape. The box or battery contains, as one of its names suggests, the battery of the cigarette, the one that powers it. In addition to this battery, some models include settings buttons and a screen. On almost all the other models, a micro USB port is available for recharging, as well as the fire button, which must be pressed to vape .
  • Clearomizer : the second main element of an electronic cigarette. This is the entirety of what is placed above the battery. It contains the liquid, the mouthpiece to put his lips, and other elements.
  • Reservoir : integral part of the clearomiser. It is often offered in pyrex, a derivative of glass, or metal. The reservoir holds the e-liquid you intend to vape
  • Drip-tip : purely and simply the name given to the mouthpiece of your clearomiser. No more no less.
  • Resistance : The resistance is a consumable part of the clearomiser, ie to be renewed periodically. Composed mainly of cotton and metal, it is soaked in e-liquid then heated to deliver the vapor so loved by vapers.
  • Air-flow : air inlet arranged on the clearomiser, generally at the bottom of it. The airflow simply makes it possible to be able to suck in air to bring it into the system and thus bring the vapour to the mouth of the vaper.
  • Batteries : used in some models of cigarettes, these are kinds of rechargeable batteries that can be changed as needed.

Which electronic cigarette should I choose?

Now that you know the basics of the world of vaping inside out, it’s time to choose your first equipment. Your first electronic cigarette.

For a beginner, there are three main things to consider when choosing an electronic cigarette. The first is ease of use. Indeed, you are just landing in a new universe, it is better to focus on simple equipment at the beginning, even if it means changing after a few months. Having a material offering a lot of settings could lose you and make you believe that the vape is too complicated.

Battery life

Autonomy is the second factor to consider. When you smoke a classic cigarette, it is not necessary to think about checking the battery of your cigarettes. The limitation at this time is the number of cigarettes in the pack but it is always easy (unfortunately) to get new ones.

For the electronic cigarette, it is different. If you run out of battery and you don’t have a socket available, that’s the tragedy. So it is much better to choose a model offering a good battery and therefore a good autonomy.

General ergonomics

This may be the slightly more gimmicky point for some. For others, the design and ergonomics of the electronic cigarette is important. Discreet, pretty, easy to store are often used arguments. This is largely understandable for new vapers who are a little afraid of being noticed. For the regulars the question does not arise, but for the new ones it is legitimate.