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We will not discuss or compare any of existing models. We say it in general.

A box mod is the basis of your vape device. You can never improve vapor if your mod is weak or does not support modern resistance.

The choice of box mod should be carried out as carefully as possible.
Modern box mod must have a large capacity, at least 100W.
Lesser power is considered insufficient. That is, a box fashion with lesser power, in principle, has the right to exist, but it is intended for the simplest vaping.
It is advisable to choose a box mod with removable batteries; this will increase its life cycle.
When you buy vape mods online, choose an atomizer, which should be compatible with your device.
For example, the Eleaf iStick Pico box mod supports atomizers up to and including 22 mm ones.
This feature will not allow you to install a modern atomizer with a diameter of 24-25 mm.
The minimum supported resistance is also very important. Old models of mods supported resistance from 0.4 Ohm. Today, this is a fairly high resistance, which is not enough.
Top models of box mods support resistance from 0.05 ohms.

Check while you buy vape mods online.