Clearette introduction

Clearette introduction

One of the problems strongly connected with smaller e-cigarettes is that new e-smokers often opt for the “light” nicotine strength because they’re ex- smokers of light cigarettes.

The nicotine absorption originated from e-cigarettes is different from that of tobacco cigarettes, though, which, as a result, can cause disappointment. Clearette is aware of this possible issue and avoids it by offering its cartridges in just two strengths: high and higher. The 24 mg cartridges are packed and made up for their miniature size. The flavor contributed to the entirely satisfying experience.

It is not a secret that people quickly moving to other brands when they begin to feel the desire to experiment and play with other flavors. Companies such as V2 Cigs, mentioned before, along with Halo and Volcano don’t just offer a variety of fruity and spicy flavors to keep customers attracted — they also sell multiple versions of their basic tobacco and menthol flavors. For example, you could buy a new flavor from Volcano every week, and you wouldn’t have to taste one and the same flavor for nearly a year.

Clearette sells a high-quality e-cigarette at one of the most reasonable prices you’ll find in the internet and locally. As a method to try e-cigarettes for the first time, it’s better to buy a Clearette kit than a disposable e-cigarette. You’ll be able to keep the battery and buy refill cartridges rather than buying disposable e-cigarettes again and again.

For that reason, Clearette is to be recommended if you’ve never used e-cigarettes before. The only real problem with Clearette is that it doesn’t give you more chances to grow. If you want to try some new flavors once you become more informed — or perhaps stick to a larger e-cigarette with longer battery life — you’ll have to look for something else.