Electronic cigarette and compatibility

Evolution of the material obliges, the manufacturers innovate unceasingly and the vapour of yesterday is not the same as today on the question of the equipment.

To build your e-cig, you can choose the box, the clearomizer or the ato, the resistance and the drip tip that suit you. But everyone has a role to play in how the other parts of the vaper work and how to vape. It is therefore important to make the right choices. In any case, if you want to design your setup from several separate elements, you will need a mod box that will be able to adapt more easily to several configurations.


Manufacturers around the world have agreed that the compatibility between clearomizer and box is always the same. We then speak of a 510 connection. This characterizes the standard thread that you find under your tank and on your battery or box.

For a battery to be compatible with a clearomiser, its connections must be compatible with each other.

There are 2 types of connection: The eGo type connection (the oldest) and the 510 type connection  (the most common)


For your clearomiser to adapt perfectly to your battery, you must first choose it according to its diameter. It must have a diameter less than or equal to that of your battery for a more aesthetic result.

  • from 14 to 16mm
  • from 16.5 to 20 mm
  • from 22 to 25mm
  • more than 25mm like the Finixx Aspire box which has a diameter of 27mm.

A clearomizer with an eGo type connection will be compatible with a battery with an eGo connection.

Likewise, a clearomizer with a 510 connection will be compatible with a battery with a 510 connection.

Some clearomisers and some batteries have a double connection allowing compatibility with these 2 types of connections.

On an electronic box, it is possible to use most of the clearomisers and resistors available. An electronic box is equipped with protections that will cut off the power supply in the event of a short circuit. Most support resistances are between 0.15 and 3 ohms.

In addition, depending on the mode of operation chosen, certain resistors will be more suitable. In Variable Wattage, it will be necessary to choose resistances in Kanthal, Stainless steel or Nichrome. These are also the most common. On the other hand, in temperature control, we advise you to opt for resistances in Nichrome, SS316 or Titanium.

Example: The Pnp Tank Voopoo clearomiser is designed to adapt to the Pod Drag S, and Drag X but it is not only a cartridge for the pods, thanks to its magnetic base with 510 connection, but you can also adapt it to your mod or your box which will accept its 26mm diameter.


Regardless of the type of e-cig chosen, it is important to choose the appropriate resistance. Knowing that there are a large number of them, each model of vaper has its resistances. Technically speaking, you can choose any resistor, as long as it is suitable for your hardware.

Generally, a Vaporesso, Eleaf, Innokin, Smok, Kanger or Joyetech coil will be compatible with the clearomizer of the same brand of vape, but there are inter-compatibilities between the brands.

Example:  The NRG coils (GT2/ GT4/ CCELL/ …) are compatible with the SKRR-S Vaporesso clearomizers and with the Ello Vate, Ello Duro, Ello T and Ello Mini XL clearomizers from Eleaf.

Material and resistance go hand in hand and the set must be adapted.


This manufacturer excels in all areas and comes a little closer to perfection. Voopoo makes a large choice of coils compatible with a wide range of materials.

All the resistances below are compatible with the Pods Vinci II, Vinci X II, Drag X, Drag S, and Drag Max, but also the Pod Argus Pro, the Pod Argus, the Pod Argus X, the Pod Argus Air and the Pod V Suit as well as the PNP Tank Clearomiser!

Pnp VM6 resistance of 0.15 ohm to be used between 60 and 80 watts.

Pnp VM5 resistance of 0.20 ohm to be used between 40 and 60 watts.

Pnp VM1 resistance of 0.30 ohm to be used between 32 and 40 watts.

Pnp VM3 resistance of 0.45 ohm to be used between 25 and 35 watts.

Pnp VM4 0.60 ohm resistor to be used between 20 and 28 watts.

Pnp TM2 0.80 ohm resistor to be used between 12 and 18 watts.

Pnp R2 resistor 1.0 ohm. to be used between 10 and 12 watts.

Pop C1 1.2 ohm resistor to be used between 10 and 15 watts.

Pnp TR1 1.2 ohm resistor to be used between 10 and 15 watts.

RBA Tray

This RBA tray allows you to create your single coil and therefore enjoy a vape adapted to your desires! it fits in the clearomiser and replaces the classic coils, perfect for lovers of reconstructable.

drip tip

The mouthpiece is also important. The drip tip can have several shapes and therefore several thicknesses. Between the mouthpiece in 510 or 810 formats, you will not get the same vape. 

All drip tips are compatible with your atomizer. But when a 510 drip tip is considered proprietary, that is to say, compatible with only a given atomizer, the 810 drip tip has its characteristics.

In addition, they can be designed in different materials which will offer different sensations to the touch but which will also play on its heat conductivity and the sensations felt.

There are 810 to 510 Drip Tip adapters that will help you easily use your 510 drip tip on previously 810 type atomizers.


There are extensions with chimney adapters which increase the capacity of the pyrex and therefore of your clearomiser.

Here are some examples of inter-compatibilities of pyrex between brands:

  • the pyrex bulb Skrr-S 8ml is compatible with the NRG-S Vaporesso clearomiser and the rebuildable atomiser Zeus X RTA
  • The pyrex Dead Rabbit V2 RTA is compatible with the Zeus dual RTA atomizer

We hope this article will help you with your choices.