Electronic cigarette or vape? Is it the same? Is there a difference? These are probably questions you ask yourself when you enter the world of vaping.

There are so many names to describe the same thing, that it is easy to get lost.

You may have read or heard a vaper use the word vape, then change to use the term electronic cigarette.

You wonder: what is a vape? Could there be a difference with electronic cigarettes?

And besides, what exactly is an electronic cigarette? The questions jostle in your head and it is no longer the vapour of an e-cig that clouds you, but a problem with vocabulary.

Don’t be lost anymore! Start vaping with the basics: rather electronic cigarette or vape? We explain everything you need to know about these two terms which, basically, are very similar.

Definition: what is a vape?

A vapour is a name that qualifies the electronic cigarette. In short, it is one of its many synonyms. It is the same thing: vaping is to electronic cigarettes what electronic cigarettes are to vape. Do you understand?

A vape is for vaping. It is an electronic device capable of producing hot and flavoured vapour.

It works thanks to a battery and a resistor, present in the clearomiser. The vaper, the one who inhales and handles the vape, uses e-liquids to flavour his vapour.

The electronic cigarette, or vaping by its nickname, consists of an electrical circuit that, thanks to the laws of physics, creates a thermal reaction.

The resistance of your clearomiser is made up of metallic resistive wires which isolate the energy. As it cannot be lost, it transforms and becomes thermal.

The heat is released from the coils (resistive wires) and heats the liquid for the e-cigarette present in the pyrex tank of your clearo which then vaporizes.

You just have to suck the vapour produced thanks to the drip tip, the mouthpiece on which you place your lips.

Vaping is as simple as that. It allows you to vape and to know all the pleasure of delicious vapour, adapted according to your preferences and your needs!

Where does the word vape come from?

You suspect it and you are right. The word vapour comes from “steam”, itself derived from the Latin vapour.

Vapour is nothing more than a gas which is released from a liquid body.

The e-liquid of your ecig vaporizes once heated, thanks to its main components which are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

The vapour, therefore, comes from the word vapour which is the very foundation of the electronic cigarette.

This name of the e-cigarette is declined to give other names like vapour, vapotage or even vapour/vapoteuse.

All these terms have the same root, which is “vapour”, the ultimate goal and vital heart of your vaping experience. We can even note this word, the “vape”, itself diminutive of “steam”.

So when you read “vape break” somewhere, now understand “steam break”. Abbreviating words is a way to go faster and give the impression of having some mastery of the subject.

Vapers prefer to use the term “vaping” rather than “smoking”. This avoids assimilation with tobacco and even promotes distancing from it.

Similarly, vapour consumers are not “smokers”, but “vapers”. There is therefore a giant leap between what the tobacco cigarette is and represents and what the electronic cigarette is and represents.

Thus, vapour is a name that wants to be closer to the root and the very principle of the electronic cigarette.

Is there a difference between electronic cigarettes and vaping?

No, there is no difference between electronic cigarettes and vaping. You can use either of these terms, both have the same meaning.

The only small nuance is that of the construction of the words themselves.

The electronic cigarette is an augmented cigarette, which is optimized with electronics, to create vapour. Names based on this script then appeared, such as e-cigarettes or its abbreviation e-cig/in.

The “e-” added in front of cigarettes refers to electronics and is added in front of all words related to computers or electronics, such as e-commerce or e-learning.

Which e-cigarette to choose for vaping?

Now that you are a vaping vocabulary pro, you know that electronic cigarette or vaping… It’s the same thing. The real question is which e-cigarette to choose for vaping.

It would be crazy to choose an ecig at random, just because it looks “not too bad”. Know that to become a fulfilled vaper, you will have to ask yourself several questions.

Start by analyzing yourself: how many tobacco cigarettes do you smoke or did you smoke per day?

This information gives you an indication of the level of autonomy you should be looking for in your vape. It will also allow you to find the most suitable dose of nicotine for your e-liquid.

There are so many models of electronic cigarettes that it is not easy to navigate, and even less so when you are a beginner vaper.

Depending on whether you have a small, medium or large consumption, you will not have the same needs in terms of vaping.

However, you can be sure to choose the right manufacturers to have a reliable and quality vape device. The manufacturers of e-cigs preferred by vapers are:

  • Smok
  • Vaporesso
  • Eleaf
  • Vaping Geek
  • joytech
  • Innokin

There are many more, but these come up most often when it comes to the best e- cigarettes on the market.

3 criteria for choosing the right e-cigarette

Before choosing your e-cigarette, be sure to always look at:

  • Its autonomy (in mAh)
  • Its power (in watts)
  • Its capabilities (chipset, airflow, tank capacity, etc.)

The higher your tobacco consumption, the more you smoke and therefore the more you will need a vape that holds up.

Prefer long-range electronic cigarettes, perfect for vaping behemoths.

The latter has a higher amperage, but also a pyrex tank with a maxi capacity, as for the Mag P3 and TFV16 kit from Smok which offers you a capacity of 9mL.

With this, you have enough to vape all day non-stop or even for several days.

The power lets you know what type of resistors you can use. Each of them has its own value expressed in ohms: the lower the value is than 1 ohm, the more powerful your rig is.

An impedance below 1 ohm means you have a sub-ohm coil, which produces very hot and often more abundant vapour.

An impedance above 1 ohm means you have a coil that produces warm to lukewarm vapour, perfect for a tight draw (indirect inhale).

Potency tells you how to vape. You have to see if it meets your vaping expectations.

Finally, the capacities of the vapour depend on what you are looking for.

Some have high-performance chipsets, which have many modes (temperature control, bypass, memory, etc.), and others are simpler.

This is particularly the case for the majority of existing sticks, such as those of the Ego Aio range from Joyetech.

Find your ideal ecig

The ideal when you want to find the e-cigarette of your dreams is to ask yourself the right questions. Here’s what to help you!

You smoke less than 8 cigarettes a day

  • Looking for a beginner’s electronic cigarette kit :

Prefer tubular vapes, which have the shape of a stick, which is reminiscent of classic tobacco cigarettes. These ecigs are particularly instinctive and designed for vape novices with low consumption.

You have no settings to make. All you have to do is put your lips on the drip tip and inhale the vapour that comes up. The system is automated to make vaping easier for you.

“Tube” e-cigarettes have short battery life and are designed to promote the rendering of flavours.

They are used in indirect inhalation with resistances greater than 1 ohm. E-liquids must have a higher level of propylene glycol compared to vegetable glycerin.

If you are a novice but want to discover more efficient e-cigarettes, prefer them in pod format.

If you want a very hot vapour (sub-ohm) with the possibility of alternating between vape DL and vape MTL, this type of ecig is what you need.

It gives you more room to manoeuvre than the stick while remaining very easy to use.

The best low consumption pod: the brand new Obliq 60W kit from Joyetech.

A cheap pod: Dance Max kit from Eleaf.

  • You are looking for a high-performance electronic cigarette :

Prefer the box format if you want to access more vaping features than with the pod.

These e-cigarettes are wider and thicker, but allow you to replace parts. Everything is removable, which can be very practical in the event of a malfunction.

You can even separate the battery from the clearomiser to change one or the other according to your desires and compatibilities. You thus ensure a very good moment of vaping.

The ideal box:

You smoke between 10 and 15 cigarettes a day

  • Looking for a beginner’s electronic cigarette kit:

Stick format e-cigarettes are still relevant, even for vapers with average consumption.

  • Looking for a cheap electronic cigarette kit:

You can choose more or less powerful resistors and adjust your draw on most pods. You combine practicality and efficiency.

The Geek Vape Aegis Boost Pro-Kit is new and guaranteed unbreakable. It is ideal for all-terrain vapers who want an inexpensive e-cigarette.

  • You are looking for a high-performance kit:

Eleaf’s Istick range is also a good understanding in terms of the balance between the rendering of vapour and that of flavours. You can even use resistors with a low value, to switch to a sub-ohm vape.

You smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day

  • You are new to the world of vaping:

Prefer simple boxes, without too many settings or at least which are sufficiently intuitive and ergonomic to simplify your vape.