The electronic tube cigarette is undoubtedly the easiest to use and one of the most popular among the models available on the market today. The tube electronic cigarette is not only very easy to handle but it is also powerful and solid. It is therefore an excellent choice to learn about vaping.

Tube e-cigarettes can vary in shape and size but the mechanisms inside are always the same. Some tube e-cigarettes may have refillable reservoirs where you pour your e-liquid. This option offers you the possibility of accessing a wide choice of e-liquids in addition to being particularly profitable. Other kinds of electronic cigarette tubes can be used using disposable cartridges which are available in most stores without much hassle. 

What are the components of the electronic tube cigarette?

All tube electronic cigarettes have an atomizer. This is the heating element that turns your e-liquid into vapour. The electronic tube cigarette also has an activation sensor. It is a very small electronic part that generally lights up when the atomizer is in action or when the user inhales. 

Even though the e-cigarette only responds with a button press, it still requires a sensor to control the atomizer.

Before lithium-ion batteries evolved to where they are today, older models of e-cigarettes were not very pleasant to use. Now e-cigarette batteries can last all day as long as you have e-liquid on hand. Plus, most tube e-cigarettes easily connect to any micro-USB charger just like a phone charger. Some tube e-cigarettes have a built-in USB port. You can plug them directly into your computer without any problem. 

How does the tube electronic cigarette work? 

The first step is to charge your electronic cigarette tube. For the second step, you have to make sure that your tank is well filled with e-liquid. If you must fill it out manually, follow the instructions carefully. Overfilling the tank could damage your electronic cigarette and possibly cause a risk of an accident. Always be sure to take all safety measures when using your electronic cigarette.

Once the e-liquid is poured, make sure all the parts of your electronic cigarette are put back in place. Depending on the model of tube e-cigarette you are using, you may need to press the activation button several times in quick succession before inhaling. This mechanism, which may at first seem boring, is a lifeline for those who forget their electronic cigarette in their pocket. 

Breath-activated tube e-cigarettes are also excellent. Remember to control the strength of your inhale as the vapour can be a little harsh on your throat at first.