grizzly honey dab

grizzly honey dabIs it time for us to tickle the taste buds and get acquainted with yet another producer of premium fruit juice brands for electronic cigarettes that produces vape juice brands without diacetyl? Perhaps, it’s time. Now it is cold, but the manufacturers of liquids for electronic cigarettes do not sleep, some even present a new vape juice flavors list, for the vapers who are bored with snow and frosts and want to somehow dip into the summer.

SpicyVape Company has not been a newcomer to the electronic cigarette market for a long time and from time to time presents its own line, in which it is possible to find tastes of different orientations. That’s just about one vape juice brands list we are with you today and talk. It’s called simply the “Winter Collection” and every vaper can find something for his preferences in it.

For its time, the company, which initially produced liquids at normal prices, managed to retrain to a premium segment manufacturer. Of course, e-liquid wholesale prices have increased, but the quality and complexity of mixes, too. All liquids are produced from a patented mixture in which pure propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin predominate. Ultra-concentrated flavors are the main part of e-liquid ingredients, which emphasizes the brightness of each individual mix.

The huge selection of nicotine concentration, volume and choice of bases is another feature of the manufacturer. Possible contents of e-liquid nicotine: 0,1,5,3,6,9,12,15,18mg. Available volumes: 100 ml (in bottles with a pipette and without), 60 ml (a bottle with a pipette and without) and 30 ml in a conventional bottle. Well, now let’s get acquainted with the Winter Ruler.

Maple Pancake

Probably one of the most intriguing top vape flavors from the new manufacturer lineup. Maple syrup, honey and the taste of freshly baked pancakes are just three components that you can feel when trying this taste, in fact the mix is much more complicated than it seems.

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate with cream.

Kiwi Strawberry

Ripe strawberries, kiwi and peppermint will make you briefly remember the warm, summer days.

Cherry Berry

The taste of fresh raspberries, cherries and blueberries.

grizzly honey dab