Heets online

Without smoke, without ash and without an unpleasant smell – this is the vision of the future, which is gradually becoming a reality. Philip Morris International has set a goal to revolutionize the tobacco industry and provide adult smokers with a better alternative to regular cigarettes. Based on this, several platforms were developed, one of which IQOS is an innovative device that heats tobacco, but does not burn it, allowing you to enjoy its true taste and reduce associated risks.

Tobacco corporations have discovered a new type of smoking. They introduce dry leaf evaporation technology. The so-called tobacco sticks have already appeared on sale – these are replaceable cartridges with the look, taste and smell of ordinary cigarettes. … In appearance – like a mouthpiece with a cigarette inserted into it. HEETS tobacco sticks are exclusively for the innovative IQOS device, which is based on the Heat-not-Burn tobacco heating system. The revolutionary technology allows the IQOS user to feel the real taste of tobacco, without ash, smoke and with a less pronounced smell, compared to regular cigarettes.

Quitting smoking is the best solution for a smoker. At the same time, not all smokers are ready to give up tobacco for various reasons, and it is to these people that are offered an alternative IQOS tobacco heating system.
The tobacco companies act with all responsibility, understand the needs of the adult consumers and offer them the option “smoke-free” and heets online, based on scientific research that has been conducted for more than ten years and in which the companies invested significant resources. All this allowed us to create the innovative technology “heat not burn”. Millions of smokers around the world have already given up cigarettes, becoming users of IQOS, and this is only the beginning of a “smokeless future”.

If you just need to buy heets online, know that now it is twice as convenient to do.

We know how valuable your time is, so recently IQOS and heets online can be ordered, in the office or at any place convenient for you. To arrange a permanent delivery of tobacco sticks or to buy a device for heating tobacco on credit, just make a couple of clicks on the website.

IQOS and heets online are closer than you think!