How shall one drip with an E-Cigarette?

How shall one drip with an E-Cigarette?

You’ve probably encountered the term “dripping” applied to e-cigarettes more than once if you’ve read some topics on electronic cigarettes on forums. Although the term might seem a little strange, it actually defines a way of delivering e-liquid to an atomizer by dripping it directly from a bottle or other container rather than using a cartridge, cartomizer or tank.

We will try to explain how to drip with an e-cigarette and tell you why you might want to proceed so. We’ll also explain why e-cigarette dripping may not be suitable for everyone.

Compared to other techniques of e-liquid delivery, dripping means a lot of work because it requires you to keep e-liquid close to you while you use your e-cigarette. People who stick to dripping, though, like it for the fact that it removes all obstructions between the vapor and your mouth.

Instead of traveling through a filler material or plastic tank, the vapor only has to get through a hollow tube before reaching its final aim – your mouth. That is why, it could be claimed that dripping results in the most vapor and purest flavor possible from an e-cigarette.

If you’ve used many types of cartomizers, clearomizers and tanks and think that they all make the vapor taste like plastic, you’ll probably adore dripping.