Congratulations, you quit smoking! To say goodbye to cigarettes for good without risk of relapse, you have decided to use vaping as a substitute. Healthier, more economical and more ecological, the electronic cigarette has many advantages over tobacco!

But do you know how an electronic cigarette works?

An e-cig is a set made up of several parts:

- A battery: This provides the power necessary for your electronic cigarette to operate.

- A clearomiser: which receives the e-liquid and allows its vaporization via the resistance, that is to say, that the e-liquid is transformed into vapour which will be inhaled by the mouth of the vaper. The clearomiser is composed of resistance, an e-liquid tank and a tip, the drip tip.

Beginner vaper: choosing your first electronic cigarette

You have decided to quit smoking and to help you do so, you start vaping. This is the first step towards nicotine withdrawal! Vaping helps a lot to quit smoking. But in order not to fall for a cigarette that could make you dive again, you must choose your first electronic cigarette carefully.

Choose your electronic cigarette according to your nicotine addiction

The first question to ask yourself to choosing your electronic cigarette is to determine your profile as a vaper. Before you started vaping, were you a light smoker, a medium smoker or a heavy smoker?

If you were a light smoker or an average smoker: the good news, is you can vape with any type of electronic cigarette for beginners with standard e-liquid! If you want to find a tight draw similar to the feeling you had when pulling on a cigarette, choose an e-cig with a resistance of more than one ohm. If you want to be able to modulate the airflow to reduce or increase the airflow, check that the vaping material you want to buy has the mention: airflow: adjustable.

If you were a heavy smoker: for former heavy smokers, it is preferable to turn to vape equipment compatible with e-liquid with nicotine salts. The nicotine that this type of e-liquid contains takes effect almost instantly to sweep away any feeling of lack. It is thus possible to vape high doses of nicotine without having a sore throat! The models of e-cigs compatible with e-liquid with nicotine salts are those with a power of less than 30W and operating with resistances of 1-ohm minimum.

Choose your electronic cigarette according to your habits 

Having to open the tank to fill it and change the resistance, you find it too restrictive… You want to buy an electronic cigarette that is very easy to use. For you, vaping should be as easy as smoking! In this case, go for a pod-type e-cig. It is a model composed of an ultra-light battery and a clip-on pod, which has a tank with an integrated resistance. When it is worn out (the e-liquid then takes on an unpleasant taste), all you have to do is change the whole pod. The operation is simple, takes 2 seconds and does not dirty your fingers!

Some pod-type e-cigs even have e-liquid-filled pods, which are even easier to use. This is the case of the Ecig Wpod, which weighs only 16 grams and works with pods filled with e-liquid with nicotine salts. When the pod is empty, replace it with a new one! This mini electronic cigarette is an excellent choice for former heavy smokers who are starting to vape and who do not want to take the lead. Like many pod e-cigs, this model does not require pressing a button. The vape is triggered automatically during inspiration!

Expert and confirmed vaper: choose suitable vaping equipment

The vape, you know! You have made your debut on vaping equipment for beginners and now you have only one desire: to get serious. But faced with the wide choice of electronic cigarettes for experienced vapers, you are a little lost! Do not panic, we explain to you how to make your choice without the fuss.

Choosing an e-cig for confirmed vapers:

An advanced electronic cigarette is a compromise between a model for beginner vapers and a model for expert vapers. It offers nice settings to discover new sensations but without falling into overly complicated features. Generally, this type of e-cig is composed of a box that offers power adjustment. Some pod-type electronic cigarettes also allow this type of adjustment, such as the Orion DNA GO Kit.

If you no longer need to vape with a tight draw to have a result similar to that which you had while smoking a cigarette, why not test the vape in sub-ohm? We speak of sub-ohm when the value of the resistance used is less than 1 ohm. The vapour produced is abundant and you feel full of vapour! The inhalation is then done directly, we then speak of MTL (Mouth-To-Lungs). Simple to use sub-ohm electronic cigarette models like the Eleaf iStick Rim Melo 5 Kit is perfect for sub-ohm vaping. We use this type of advanced e-cig with High VG e-liquid, that is to say, rich in vegetable glycerin to make large clouds of vapour.

Choosing an e-cig for an expert vaper:

You are ready to dive into the deep end! Mastering different vaping modes like Temperature Control doesn’t scare you and you’re even ready to start power vaping, full power vaping! 

Several models of e-cigs go up to 200 Watts, which is heavy, and even very heavy in terms of power! With this kind of steam beast, your vaping session will be boosted! One of the best expert e-cigarettes you can choose from is the Revenger Kit by Vaporesso. Its Omniboard 2.0 chipset supports 7 vape modes: CCW, CCT, TCR, RTC, VT, Smart VW and BYPASS. With that, there is something to have fun with! On the clearomizer side, opt for a reconstructable atomizer like the TFV8 from Smok. You will have at your disposal an RBA board to make your resistors. If you are interested in DIY, a rebuildable to will make you happy!

You now know everything about how to choose your electronic cigarette! All you have to do is decide based on the design you prefer as well as your budget.