How to choose your clearomizer? This is one of the questions that a large number of beginners ask themselves when faced with an increasingly large offer. We are therefore going to see together the questions to ask yourself to find your “holy grail”.

1) Little reminder

The atomizer is one of the two main parts that make up your electronic cigarette. It is a tank which is equipped with resistance and which must be filled with e-liquid. It is associated with a box or a mod. The latter provides the resistance with the electrical energy necessary for it to heat up and vaporize the e-liquid.

The clearomiser is an essential element because it is he who brings all the sensations to the vaper, from the appreciation of the flavours to the production of vapour. Care must therefore be taken to choose it well since it will directly influence the type of vape and the success of smoking cessation.

The atomizer consists of several parts:

  • A drip tip (mouthpiece)  

The drip tip is a more important element than it seems because it will play on the feeling of vaping. This is why it is interchangeable.

Thus, the larger its diameter, the more steam it will let pass in the mouth. The longer this drip tip, the colder the vapour will be and conversely, the shorter it is, the hotter the vapour will be. The materials used in their manufacture also have an impact: plastic, stainless steel and aluminium will tend to heat up because they are thermally conductive elements. Conversely, Delrin, resin, Ultem or even Teflon have better heat dissipation.

  • The reservoir or tank

The tank is the part of the atomizer that contains the e-liquid. It can be made of pyrex, metal, or even plastic. The capacity of the reservoirs ranges from 1.5 ml to more than 8 ml.

  • The fireplace

The chimney is a bit like the backbone of your atomizer. It is located in the centre and is used to conduct the vapour from the resistance to the drip tip.

  • The resistor or coil

The resistance is the part that is used to heat the e-liquid. It consists of a resistive metal part and hair fibre (usually cotton). The resistance value is expressed in Ohms. The lower this value, the more powerful the resistor. It changes regularly, its average lifespan is 10 days.

  • The basis

This is the lower part of the atomizer. There is generally the airflow (air inlet) whose opening can often be adjusted to modulate the volume of inspired air. This part is always equipped with a 510-type connection pin which is used to screw the atomizer on the box.

Here is a summary of what a clearomizer is made of, this part is mainly there to help you appropriate the somewhat specific vocabulary related to the vape.

2) How to choose your atomizer, the criteria to study to make your choice


This is probably the first question to ask. But what exactly do MTL, RDL, and DL mean? So behind these acronyms hides the level of the draw. Thereby :

  • The MTL draw is the most restricted. It approximates the draw of a cigarette. It is intended for vapers who need high levels of nicotine (+ 10 mg). The vape in MTL produces a limited volume of vapour and the definition of flavours is precise but the taste is less intense. The MTL vape is done on a power range from 7 to 20 watts.
  • The RDL is an intermediate draw. It is airier than MTL so it produces more vapour and in general, it is suitable for medium nicotine levels (between 9 and 6 mg). The flavours are a little less precise but the taste is a little more intense. The RDL is practised on a power range from 20 to 35 watts.
  • The DL is the freest draw it is often compared to the “shisha”. The volume of vapour becomes very important and it is recommended with a low nicotine level (max 3mg). The DL offers strong sensations in taste but the definition of flavours is a little less precise. It is practised at a power greater than 40 watts.

Here are the outlines for this aspect. All the values ​​that I quote (power, nicotine level) are indicative and represent averages.

b) The volume of the tank

The volume of the tank is an important element. The latter is often adapted to the vape offered by the atomizer. You should know that the higher the vaping power, the greater the volume of vapour produced and the more e-liquid you consume.

c) AirFlow its position and adjustment possibilities.

Airflow plays a major role. Most clearomizers offer an adjustable airflow system that will allow you to get as close as possible to your tastes. It can be located at the bottom of the top of the atomizer. The high position limits leaks but the airflow is a little less direct. The low position is more “traditional”, it often offers a greater flow so you can potentially go higher in power. But the risk of having leaks is greater.

d) The filling system of the clearomizer

In summary, either you fill your atomizer from the bottom or the top. Top fill systems are more convenient and comfortable. This detail should not be overlooked because depending on your consumption, you will probably need to fill your clearomiser several times a day. So study the system well to choose the one that suits you best.

e) Rebuildable Clearomizer or Atomizer

1. The simplest voice clearomizer

This is a question that usually comes up after a few months of vaping. The clearomizer is a reservoir atomizer that uses proprietary coils. No need for specific knowledge because the change of these resistances does not present any difficulty.

2. The rebuildable atomizer: the choice of enthusiasts

The rebuildable atomizer is another story because there you have to transform yourself into a little mechanic of the vape. So no, it’s not an insurmountable difficulty, but it does require some knowledge and a bit of perseverance.

There are several types of rebuildable atomizers, but to make it simple there are tank atomizers and drippers.

RTA or RDTA are rebuildable atomizers equipped with tanks.

The so-called RDA atomizers are drippers, there is no reserve of e-liquid, we soak the cotton directly and we vape.

These atomizers have an assembly plate that must be equipped with coils and cotton. This requires a minimum of knowledge but there are many explanatory videos.   

The big advantage of rebuildable atomizers is that they allow you to customize your vape to best suit your desires. But it is undeniably more complicated and it requires a minimum of personal investment.

Conclusion :

The choice of the atomizer is essential because it plays a major role. The main question is your type of vape MTL, RDL, or MTL after the rest is more suggestive and more personal. You will probably try several before finding your “Grail”. The last point chooses one whose aesthetics you like because it will follow you everywhere in the months and weeks to come.