How to choose your first e-cigarette?

Ask the right questions

You are rightly convinced that the e-cigarette will help you smoke less and you are tempted by the idea of ​​a different vape with an exciting variety of tastes to discover. You are therefore ready to turn to the electronic cigarette. It is still necessary to make the right choice in a field where there are many references and diverse technologies, both for the cigarette itself and in the choice of liquids.

There are many questions to ask and their answers will determine your choice of e-cigarette. Do not hesitate to take your time to make a comparison of the models that you will find on our site and in our stores.

How to choose your electronic cigarette?

First of all, you must determine the profile of the smoker that you are. Are you looking for a way to wean yourself off, to complement or replace traditional cigarettes? And the latter, how many do you smoke per day?

Indeed, the occasional tobacco user will not have the same expectations as a more dependent person who smokes one or two packs a day. Your profile and your objective will make it possible to differentiate the different models of cigarettes and liquid. This is an essential step to get the electronic cigarette off to a good start. Otherwise, you run the risk of starting with an unsuitable model and moving away without valid reasons for the vape and its benefits.

The different types of e-cigarettes

The so-called Pod model, offered by various brands, fits exactly into the perfect model of the electronic cigarette for beginners. Its investment is minimal and the ease of use is maximum. It allows you to discover the vape with a very simple recharging system and no adjustments to be made. It is a solution for occasional use during the day.

How to choose your electronic cigarette?

The rechargeable electronic cigarette, of the box type, is today the most common model. It is reserved for a more advanced or expert public in the consumption of e-cigarettes. The performances are much more impressive there with a battery that will resist even heavy smokers, a large tank and finally a clearomizer, to create the vape, much more efficient also than on the small models.

These ready-to-use electronic cigarette kits have become the majority of models on the market today, for obvious reasons of efficiency and pleasure in the consumption of electronic cigarettes.