How to clean and maintain your electronic cigarette?

If you have opted for a high-end electronic cigarette model, it would be good to pamper your vaper. Maintaining your electronic cigarette means keeping your setup longer! a little topo to know how to clean your electronic cigarette is essential!

How to maintain an electronic cigarette atomizer?

For a good vapour and a flavour that is always on top, it is important to keep your vape atomizer maintained.

Whether for internal or external cleaning, a damp cloth or paper towel may be sufficient for maintenance.

To clean  more thoroughly there are several solutions:

  • The Flavor Switch eliminates any residual flavours. It will save you from changing the cotton or the resistance when you want to vape another liquid. It neutralizes odours and allows you to go from a fruity to a gourmet without a problem.
  • The Ultrasonic Tray will allow all types of equipment such as atomizers, tanks, drippers, resistors and drip tips to get a facelift. Indeed, ultrasound eliminates odours and removes impurities without damaging your equipment.

The advantage of the “latest generation” atomizers is the fact that they can be completely disassembled to facilitate maintenance. Base, airflow, top cap and drip tip are then accessible, to be able to thoroughly clean your electronic cigarette. If your box does not detect your coil and it displays the message No atomizer found or atomizer short, you must disassemble and clean your clearomizer.

We remind you that resistance with a burnt taste after 3 weeks of use cannot be cleaned with water, it is important to change it at this time.

And for a well-protected tank, nothing better than a Vape Band! Easy to position and personalise your electronic cigarette setup, it is an essential accessory.

How to clean an electronic cigarette?

The majority of batteries, mods and boxes are made of steel, stainless steel or even plastic. In this case, a simple cloth will suffice to clean your electronic cigarette. Of course, we avoid humidity and ultrasonic baths!

On the other hand, for models made of copper, brass or aluminium, we recommend:

  • Cleansing Mirror: With an antioxidant action, Mirror removes tarnish and delays reoxidation for several months. Easy to use, your equipment will have a new look.
  • Copper grease / Alu: It lubricates the threads ( mod, battery, atomizer) and prevents their wear. Due to its metallic composition, it also improves electrical conductivity.

To prevent damage, we advise you to use a silicone shell adapted to your equipment, as well as a transport pouch for the vape. An essential and simple element that will serve as maintenance of your electronic cigarette on its own.

How to protect a battery? 

You have to look after and maintain your electronic cigarette batteries! As much to offer them long life as for a question of safety.

There are several solutions for this:

  • A good external charger: your batteries have the right to their charger. This will allow them to last longer as well as give you better battery life. USB charging is too fast, it does not allow a truly full charge, unlike a vape charger.
  • The transport boxes and holsters for batteries prevent their deterioration and also isolate them perfectly during transport outside your box. A battery in contact with a key or coin can degas or even worse explode. It is therefore essential to transport your batteries in a box provided for this purpose. You will extend the life of your battery, but also yours.
  • Heat – shrink sheaths or wrappers: They act as an insulator between the 2 poles of the battery, they are essential for proper operation and use in complete safety. Useful when the original one is damaged by handling.