The daily use of your equipment requires that you choose a durable box to be able to vape throughout the day. Especially when you are on the move and you do not have the opportunity to recharge your electronic cigarette! This operating time will depend on the capacity of the battery which is expressed in mAh (MilliAmpères Hour).

MilliAmperes are simply a unit of electrical charge that will determine the amount of energy stored in your battery. The higher the numeric indication, the longer the battery will be able to power the equipment. For example, a 1500 mAh battery will have more autonomy than a 900 mAh battery, logical! Still based on this example, this same battery will be able to deliver 900 milliamps continuously for one hour before shutting down.

All manufacturers of mods, boxes, kits or batteries on the vape market indicate the autonomy of their equipment directly on the packaging or in the user manual. As for the equipment offered on our website, the charging units of the boxes and batteries expressed in mAh are directly visible on our product sheets.


If indeed, as we have seen, the mAh indicates the autonomy of your equipment, they do not express the exact duration during which your electronic cigarette will be able to function. Indeed, other parameters must be studied to be able to calculate the endurance of your equipment. Your battery does not work alone, it supplies a tank which, thanks to an electromotive force (the volt), heats a resistance of a more or less high resistance unit expressed in ohm.

To determine the exact autonomy of an electronic cigarette, we use Ohms law, its formula is as follows: U (the voltage expressed in volts) = R (resistance expressed in ohms) x I (Intensity expressed in Ampere). If voltage equals resistance times current, then-current equals voltage divided by resistance.

Let’s take the iStick T80 Pesso kit from Eleaf as an example.

The average voltage of this electronic cigarette is around 4 volts. The clearomiser, on the other hand, accommodates EF-M resistors at 0.6 ohms. So the intensity in amperes is equal to 4 divided by 0.6, or 6.67 Amps.

For a 3000 mAh battery like the Eleaf iStick T80: 3.00A (3000 mAh) x 60 minutes = 6.67A x T (time). So the duration T is equal to (3.00A x 60min) / 6.67 A or 26.9 minutes.

You notice that it’s not much but don’t forget that we are talking about continuous use, but you never vape non-stop, there are pause times between each puff which are not counted.

It will therefore be necessary to study your vaping behaviour to determine the exact battery life of your electronic cigarette. Still, on this same Eleaf iStick T80 battery, let’s imagine that you vape twice in 7 seconds and that every minute. For one hour you vape for 168 seconds or 2.8 minutes. The calculation is simple: 2 (the number of times) x7 (the number of seconds) x (60 min or one hour/frequency 5). So instead of running for 26 minutes and 9 seconds, your battery will last up to 9.6 hours (26.9 / 2.8)!

But there is still a variable to take into account and which is unfortunately incalculable, it is the energy used when the Fire button is not engaged. Even if you don’t vape, from the moment your box is on, your chipset is too and consumes part of your battery charge. Leaving your equipment without carrying out the classic 5 clicks to turn it off, therefore, impacts the autonomy of your battery.


If the autonomy can be a revealing indicator of the endurance of your battery, which you can trust when buying your electronic cigarette, it will still be necessary to carry out some calculations to be able to accurately determine the time of use. real from your box!