How to get into the electronic cigarette?

Do you want to quit smoking? We know how difficult it can be, beyond the will you will need a good dose of motivation. In this article, we reveal 3 good reasons to start using electronic cigarettes. 

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Quit smoking by vaping 

And yes, it is not easy to quit smoking. Not easy, but not impossible! And who better than us to tell you about it? There is no miracle recipe, but the will and the motivation are essential to achieve it. However, the electronic cigarette can greatly help you gradually reduce your need for nicotine until you stop smoking completely. 

Each of us, like each of you, has his or her reasons for quitting smoking, and it’s your reasons that will propel your motivation. 

Just like you, many people have wondered how to quit smoking. And many people have found electronic cigarettes very useful. Moreover, a large number of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette as being a valuable aid for smoking cessation, even the most effective solution of all.

If you want to quit smoking, while looking for a pleasure similar to cigarettes, the vape will be perfectly suited to your needs. The electronic cigarette allows you to gradually reduce the level of nicotine. In this way, you can undertake a more flexible smoking cessation to permanently stop your addiction. 

We all know that cigarettes are harmful to health. All-day we are overwhelmed with the health effects of tobacco and despite this daily awareness, a large number of people find it difficult to quit. Don’t feel guilty if this happens to you, we understand you, the addiction is stronger than anything. Nicotine and many other substances make us addicted to cigarettes, but not only! Indeed, what would the “smoke break” at work be without a cigarette? The one who comforts us when we are sad? And the one you share with friends on the terrace of a cafe… So many moments around the cigarette, how to resist all its temptations?

Sometimes it’s good to remember that cigarettes don’t only bring us good, quite the contrary. Let’s never forget that cigarettes contain more than 4,000 toxic substances that can be carcinogenic and can also cause cardiovascular disease. This is why we advise you to favour the electronic cigarette because it contains much fewer toxins, you can find our various articles which deal with the following subjects: how is the e-liquid composed? How does an electronic cigarette work? Is vapour more toxic than smoke?