How to have a good hit?

Former smokers who take up electronic cigarettes will often be looking for their old sensations and in particular that of the hit. The hit or throat hit is this tingling sensation in the throat that is caused by the nicotine present in tobacco products. So, how to faithfully reproduce the effect of the cigarette to smoke with the hit of the electronic cigarette? Two questions to which vapers will find the answers in this blog post on vaping.

The hit of the electronic cigarette thanks to e-liquids

Having a good hit thanks to the electronic cigarette depends on different factors. The amount of nicotine is the first essential element. Indeed, the quantity present in the e-liquid determines the importance of the hit of the electronic cigarette. Thus the higher the nicotine level in the e-liquid, the more pronounced the hit in the mouth.

You can also play on the propylene glycol (PG) level. This is a product that promotes the feeling of the hit, while vegetable glycerin (VG) attenuates it. It is, therefore necessary to favour a vape with e-liquids with a high PG content.

If you are wondering how to have a good hit, know that the solution also comes from the flavour of your e-liquid. Indeed, aromas such as mint or coffee are good vectors of the hit. Some vapers even manage to recreate this sensation with e-liquids without nicotine simply with a high concentration of menthol. The hit of the electronic cigarette can therefore go through the selection of particular flavours to intensify this desired sensation.

How to have a good hit thanks to the material?

The hardware you use is also crucial. Indeed, the higher the voltage, the more the resistor will heat up. This will create a more abundant and above all hotter vapour, which will promote the hit. Therefore, using a more technical electronic cigarette with a variable voltage or power allows you to reinforce this sensation in the mouth.

Finally, vape experts use drippers. A dripper is a tankless atomizer equipped with a handmade resistance. With this very small combustion chamber and with resistances built to measure according to the preferences of the users, we will have a very nice restitution of flavours and/or a lot of vapour. Having knowledge of the materials as well as the techniques of vaping, the use of the dripper, therefore, allows more steam, more heat and a better rendering of aromas. Regarding the hit of the electronic cigarette, it will be favoured by a greater heat of the vapour. Users of drippers even tend to reduce their nicotine level following too much sensation.