You have taken the step of quitting tobacco for the electronic cigarette, we can only congratulate you!

But, indeed, it is not always easy to know which e-liquid to turn to, the market is so big, and the type of flavours too,

Today we are going to try to guide you in this choice, which is not rocket science because we must not forget that all tastes are in nature as they say and that an e-liquid may seem exceptional. to one person’s palate, and not at all to another.

The 4 main families of e-liquids

To start, we’re going to talk about flavours (or “tastes” for some). Indeed, there are 4 types of e-liquids to delight the consumer as much as possible.

It is therefore tobacco (called “classic”), fruity, gourmet and finally minty tastes .

There are of course other sub-categories for each of them, such as fresh fruity, fruity gourmet, classic gourmet and so on…

As you will have understood, there is something for everyone, it is one of the big advantages of vaping!

Instinctively, the smoker would like to find flavours similar to these cigarettes, or else move towards a minty e-liquid. But we must remember that we will never find the true taste of a cigarette (except very rare cases of complex liquids, expensive and not necessarily suitable for beginners: macerates of tobacco leaves). Many people try these classic tastes, and leave them aside because they are really different. But some love them anyway! Again, a matter of entirely subjective taste.

Many are indeed tempted by fruity e-liquids to start, it’s a good choice because we all have at least one fruit that we love, that we will appreciate vaping very regularly, even in permanence.

There is no such thing as good or bad e-liquid, the best e-liquid will simply be the one you enjoy and will never touch a cigarette again!

What nicotine level for my smoking cessation?

Here is a question that is often found in the mouth of smokers wishing to quit smoking! It is true that among all the nicotine levels offered on the market, it is not necessarily easy to know which one to go for… Not to mention the public preconceptions about nicotine, which are often erroneous.

This is the closest thing to smoking your cigar or cigarette.

This type of draw allows us to vape the highest nicotine levels, those we will need to successfully quit smoking.

It will therefore be necessary to choose the highest possible nicotine level, the one that you will tolerate the most in terms of the tingling sensation in the throat (called “hit” in the jargon of the vape), because it will allow you to have the nicotinic receptors of the brain well saturated, without having to vape astronomical quantities of e-liquid!

A calculation is simple: for each cigarette smoked, you absorb between 1 and 3 mg of nicotine (to be doubled in the case of the tube or rolled cigarettes).

So, for a smoker of about ten cigarettes per day, this will make between 10 and 30 mg of nicotine needed per day (always to be doubled in the case of tubes or rolls).

If we are moving towards an e-liquid in 12 mg/ml of nicotine, you will therefore need to vape approximately from 1 ml to… 5 ml (for the person who would absorb as much as possible on their rolled or tube cigarette).

If we switch to a smoker of a pack of 20 cigarettes per day, it will therefore be between 2 ml and 10 ml per day!

In general, we recommend a maximum of 4 or even 5 ml per day in a tight draw, which is already a lot for this type of draw. And the more liquid you consume, the more it will cost you also in the case of a rate that is too low (not to mention the feelings of lack that may appear during the day).

This is why you should not hesitate to take the highest possible rate of nicotine if it goes down your throat, there is no risk of overdose.

Nicotine is not our enemy, on the contrary, it is the nicotine that will help us to successfully quit.

Don’t be afraid of nicotine!

If necessary, there are also nicotine salts , which make it possible to reach a rate of 20 mg/ml (the highest possible) without having a huge tingling in the throat, it is also a good alternative for some people.

What are PG and VG?

There are 4 elementary components in an e-liquid: propylene glycol (known as PG), vegetable glycerin (known as VG), nicotine (except for those vaping in 0 mg/ml, very old vapers being weaned) and finally the flavourings (food and/or natural).

Propylene  glycol has the virtue of promoting maximum flavors, but also the sensation of tingling in the throat (hit) necessary for many first-time buyers.

Vegetable glycerin , on the other hand, will bring a more consistent vapor, but also a softer side to e-liquids because it is naturally slightly sweet.

E-liquids  are manufactured according to several ratios between PG and VG: 70/30, 50/50, 30/70, etc.

For electronic cigarettes with a tight draw, we generally choose an e-liquid dosed at least 50% PG , in order to promote the flavors, the hit but also to have a fairly fluid juice (because yes, if the PG is liquid, VG is much thicker and oilier).

A rate of 70/30 is fine to start, even 50/50, but not lower in the percentage of propylene glycol, it would make your juice too greasy, which could reduce the life of your coils (and the vast majority of manufacturers of resistors dedicated to MTL pulling recommend PG rates greater than or equal to 50%).

Regulation of nicotine boosters

It is therefore forbidden to sell nicotine e-liquids of more than 10 ml, but also to go for a nicotine level higher than 20 mg/ml.

In the case of heavy smokers (more than one pack, or even more, etc.), it is quite possible to combine the vape with other nicotine substitutes sold on the market (patches, gums, etc.), this does not pose any problem for your health.