IQOS HEETS Bronze Label

The IQOS tobacco heating system has been scientifically evaluated and clinically tested using reliable and internationally proven approaches and methods. The charge of the holder lasts on average one stick, after which it is placed back into the charging container and is ready for use again after a couple of minutes. The stylish device is made of high-quality plastic and is equipped with an automatic button to open the lid, as well as LED indicators of the charge level.

Heets sticks are made from special fluid-soaked twisted tobacco leaves. Inside, there is a minimum portion of tobacco not more than 1 cm in length, the rest of the space is occupied by a triple filter. The stick is fixed in a special holder and heated.

The range of tobacco sticks is constantly updated with new flavors to provide users with a unique opportunity to enjoy real tobacco without burning, ashes and with less unpleasant odor. And adult smokers looking for the best alternative will be able to discover the right taste.

IQOS HEETS Bronze Label is one of the newest flavor solutions for IQOS. The taste of IQOS HEETS Bronze Label is the taste of chocolate, or more precisely, cocoa. This taste, although delicate and light, is immediately felt. The stick itself is also no different from the others, except, of course, the colors of the traditional three stripes on the filter of the stick itself. Heets Bronze Label has a brown color – from dark to lighter. The stick is also packed with glued tobacco strips.

If you smoke IQOS, then I advise you to try the new HEETS Bronze Label taste, you will definitely like it with its delicate cocoa flavor. Heets is a modern way of consuming tobacco. For the production of sticks, the best, carefully selected tobacco leaves are used so that you can enjoy a completely new taste and aroma.

Sticks are available for sale online at an affordable price, and therefore there is no problem with their availability. Indeed, at present, thanks to the Internet, people of all ages make purchases without leaving home.