Juul pods uk

Juul pods ukJuul is a device for those who want to abandon regular cigarettes in favor of vapes, as well as for those who have already experienced all the benefits of vaping. Stylish design, compact size, ease of use and a pleasant balanced taste of the liquid – all these qualities make the electronic cigarette popular among beginners and experienced vapers. In the UK, this pod-system is consistently included in the best-selling lists. If you decide to buy Juul Pax you need to know about the main features of such a set. And besides, we want to share with you the options to find the Juul pods UK offers, which are exclusive for the UK.

The name Juul itself means “jewel.” This set fully justifies its name. The Juul Vape Jule in recent years is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. Millions of vapers all over the world rated Juul at its true worth, which has become a serious threat to tobacco companies.

The device for vaping is extremely simple – it has no buttons, but there is a touch sensor that reflects the charge level of the device. To use the vape, just drag on like a regular cigarette. Spirals and cotton wool in vape are no longer required. You just need to insert a special cartridge and you can start to vape.

PODS is a brand that produces pods compatible with JUUL devices. The product range differs significantly from the one offered by Pax Labs. It is more diverse and bright. Among the flavors are presented: blackberry, green apple, pineapple, strawberry and other fruit compositions. The most popular packaging with 4 different pods.

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