Juul starter kit cheap is a substitute for smoking

Juul starter kit cheapJuul designers, former heavy smokers, created Juul starter kit cheap as a substitute for smoking. Everything is done for the comfort of the user accustomed to ordinary cigarettes. The weight of 12 grams makes it easy to hold a vape with two fingers or even hold your lips together. The turning on is automatic – with the reaction to dragging.

The minimalism of Juul starter kit cheap continues in design. Outwardly, this is a simple rectangle with a small diode and a window for the pod. The corners of the body are clear, but soft: they do not cut into the hand, they do not disturb. Juul is made of lightweight aluminum. The texture of the coating is matte, rough and pleasant to the touch. At the bottom there is a neat engraving of the name and serial number.

There are no buttons here – evaporation starts at the moment of puffing. The system works only when the pod is inserted, and the electronics of the device protects against accidental activation. The mod has a built-in protection against an unpleasant dry puff without vapor. The vape reads the temperature of the spiral and turns off the current when the liquid ends in the tank.

The diode indicator turns on after each dragging, and also shows the charge level. To see how much charge there is in the batteries, you need to tap your finger on the top of the electronic unit. The light bulb immediately changes color: green — full, yellow — half or less, red — discharged. During charging, the diode gives a pulsating glow.

Delicious durable pods.
Please note: pods are not included; they should be purchased separately to the Juul starter kit cheap.

Juul pods were originally filled with branded e-cigarette liquids. A strong mixture of 59 mg per milliliter creates sensations as close as possible to regular smoking. Therefore, a small 0.7 ml pod lasts for two days. The wick is silicious in the vaporizer. It will last at least 3 refills.

The tastes in pods are simple: tobacco, mint, cucumber and others. The aroma in liquids helps satisfy more the need for nicotine, so there is no such sweetness as on a drip. And there is a lot of vapor.