Leaking E-Cigarette Cartridge

Leaking E-Cigarette Cartridge

E- Leakage is one of the most traditional problems with Electronic cigarettes. It is a matter that needs to be rectified immediately or else the effectiveness of this device will be in vain and your vaping experience would fail.

Moreover, the chemicals contained that though proven safe by FDA – can still cause minor irritation to skin or mouth in some instances. The cause of leakage can vary. It can be because on the way a person vapes or it can be that your E-cig cartridge are not made of high quality materials.

It is quite clear that there are still a few of you out there using three-piece e-cigarettes with disposable cartridges. One can understand the attractiveness; they’re incredibly inexpensive and they do most of time. However, you might want to consider improving your battery if you haven’t done it already. Some companies selling three-part e-cigarettes may also be marketing older automatic batteries with high sensitivity levels.

This type of battery can turn on and begin vaporizing e-liquid if you just shake it — so you can imagine what might happen if you walk around with it in your pocket — this should be definitely avoided. Or there is another alternative to switch to a manual battery that only works when you want it to — or ditch the three-part e-cigarette altogether.

Thus, we may say that leakage is a great problem and no matter how high quality your cartridges are, if you are not taking care of it, then it will still leak and will not give you a great vaping process. Right vaping should be done to avoid leakage. Take all the measures possible and you will not regret it!