My e-cigarette is leaking! What to do ?

When my electronic cigarette leaks, the first fear is of course the fact that the liquid may leak and come into contact with hands and clothes frequently. This unpleasant feeling can directly push some vapers to put aside their electronic cigarette and be tempted to fall back into the cigarette cycle!

Do not be discouraged! Changing your electronic cigarette is not necessarily the best solution, however, several elements can be at the origin of these drips.

My electronic cigarette is leaking: Reason Number 1: Expansion or wear of the resistance joints

The main cause of wear on your seals is the fact that  the resistance  causing the seal to expand and possibly causing a flow within the Air Flow ring (bottom base, system for adjusting the intensity of the air inlet).

80% of sagging problems come from resistance wear.

Several factors can be the cause:

  • A frequent and excessive draw:  Some new vapers, still accustomed to their cigarettes, think they have to “draw” on their e-cigarette like a real cigarette. However, the frequency of pulling is not the same: you have to wait an average of twenty seconds between each pulling so as not to wear out the resistance, which can subsequently lead to wear of your seals.

IF you have a powerful and/or frequent draw, try models that are more suited to your consumption habit, and which support the power. (ex:  SUB OHM; new generation e-cigarettes)

Remember to  change your resistance about every 15 days , especially if you have a lot of use!

Even if the resistance has no heating taste, the heavy use of your electronic cigarette may have caused the resistance to expand, causing these famous drips.

  • A significant change in atmosphere or temperature:  If, for example, you live in the mountains, in the sun or have to take a plane, pay close attention to the phenomenon of significant variations in pressure or temperature causing expansion and problems of seals, leaks.

Avoid leaving your electronic cigarette in the sun, or the car on cold nights. When you take the plane, empty your clearomiser before your flight!

Electronic cigarette anti-drip solution: If you do not use your cigarette, remember to close this ring to prevent the liquid from flowing into your bag, pocket, clothes, etc.

My Electronic Cigarette leaks reason number 2: The choice of e-liquid

A more or less suitable liquid:  Indeed, some liquids are more or less suitable 2 depending on 

your model of clearomizer (upper part of your electronic cigarette)

Propylene  glycol  introduces a risk of dripping in “high-performance” reservoirs because its composition, which is too “sweet” has a greater risk of crossing the seal present in the lower part of the clearomizer.

The use of glycerin can lead to a risk of overheating of the resistance if the electronic cigarette is not suitable  (fatty liquid). This is due to the capillarity of the wick, which will have  difficulty absorbing e-liquid that is too thick.

E-liquid advice  :

On standard clearomizer ( T2, CE5 ASPIRE, TIGON ASPIRE, ZENITH INNOKIN, N19 smok ): Opt for a liquid not exceeding  50% vegetable glycerin

On Sub-ohm clearomiser ( CLEITO PRO ASPIRE, TF TANK/TFV16 SMOK, ELLO POP ELEAF  …): Opt for a liquid not exceeding 40% Propylene Glycol.

Electronic cigarette leaks reason number 3: A resistance not adapted to your way of vaping

Despite drastic quality controls in the factory, it is quite possible that your resistance has not adapted to your way of vaping, if a resistance sends too much vapour for you, a heating sensation is often felt associated with crackling sensations also creating leaks in your resistance is not adapted to you…

Don’t worry, several resistance models exist allowing you to have a softer, less hot vapor and a draw more suitable for indirect draw (ECML for the Melo 4, HW1C for the Ello Pop / Rotor from ELEAF).