How to choose your clearomizer? This is one of the questions that a large number of beginners ask themselves when faced with an increasingly large offer. We are therefore going to see together the questions to ask yourself to find your “holy grail”.

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The world of electronic cigarettes can sometimes scare beginners. Do you want to get into the electronic cigarette but you do not have all the answers to your questions? Of course, we are always here to help you. Explanation of what vaping is, key terms to know, how to choose and more.

Switching to electronic cigarettes can sometimes force us to ask ourselves some questions. What are the benefits? Why would I do that ? Know that there are two main advantages. The first is your health. Even if it is not yet proven that the vape is harmless, it is in any case much less dangerous than the classic cigarette.

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How to get into the electronic cigarette?

Do you want to quit smoking? We know how difficult it can be, beyond the will you will need a good dose of motivation. In this article, we reveal 3 good reasons to start using electronic cigarettes. 

If you want to learn more about electronic cigarettes, find our various articles on our blog. 

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What are the best e-liquid tastes?

Did you know ?!

To date, there are more different tastes of e-liquids than water bottle brands in the world! While the electronic cigarette market has grown steadily since its inception, the number of products offered by the latter to your selection continues to grow. This is such that it is difficult, especially for a beginner in vaping, to know which products to focus on…What are the best e-liquid tastes? 

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Available from several brands such as Eleaf, the e-cigarette is made up of two groups of elements which are the clearomiser and the battery. It is the clearomiser which contains the reservoir in which the e-liquid to be vaped is introduced, the resistance and the drip tip that the vaper puts in the mouth. The clearomiser is therefore a component that plays a key role in the operation of the electronic cigarette.

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My e-cigarette is leaking! What to do ?

When my electronic cigarette leaks, the first fear is of course the fact that the liquid may leak and come into contact with hands and clothes frequently. This unpleasant feeling can directly push some vapers to put aside their electronic cigarette and be tempted to fall back into the cigarette cycle!

Do not be discouraged! Changing your electronic cigarette is not necessarily the best solution, however, several elements can be at the origin of these drips.

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Battery, how to choose your accumulator?

An electronic cigarette works on a  rechargeable battery also called an accumulator.  It provides the energy necessary for its operation. There are several models of accumulators that adapt according to the type of e-cigarette and must take into consideration the habits of the vaper. Size, brand and characteristics, find out everything there is to know about electronic cigarette accumulators.

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Integration into the universe of the vape requires a certain adaptation. You are probably asking yourself questions: how to vape correctly? In this article that follows, you will find explanations that will certainly be useful to you.

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You have taken the step of quitting tobacco for the electronic cigarette, we can only congratulate you!

But, indeed, it is not always easy to know which e-liquid to turn to, the market is so big, and the type of flavours too,

Today we are going to try to guide you in this choice, which is not rocket science because we must not forget that all tastes are in nature as they say and that an e-liquid may seem exceptional. to one person’s palate, and not at all to another.

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