Electronic cigarette or vape? Is it the same? Is there a difference? These are probably questions you ask yourself when you enter the world of vaping.

There are so many names to describe the same thing, that it is easy to get lost.

You may have read or heard a vaper use the word vape, then change to use the term electronic cigarette.

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What is a ready-to-boost e-liquid?

Base, aromas, additives, booster… A large number of products are necessary for the manufacture of e-liquids. Fortunately, there is also an easy solution to get started with DIY: ready-to-boost liquid.

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What is a mech mod?

The latest technological developments in the field of electronic cigarettes have given rise to new equipment. Ultra powerful and highly customizable, so-called “mod” boxes and tubes are aimed at experienced vapers. Especially when it comes to mecha mods.

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It’s done, you have decided to equip yourself with an E-cigarette with adjustment. But here is your new little toy in hand, you realize that you do not master Watts, Ohms and all that goes with it. Retrospective on the basic settings to know to get started with your box.

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It’s decided, your reservations are made. Leaves taken, you are going on vacation this summer to recharge your batteries, and you are quite right. Electronic cigarette in the suitcase, take a look at our vacation vaper checklist, it will surely be very useful to you.

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Congratulations, you quit smoking! To say goodbye to cigarettes for good without risk of relapse, you have decided to use vaping as a substitute. Healthier, more economical and more ecological, the electronic cigarette has many advantages over tobacco!

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This is a question that is on the lips of many smokers and vapers: what is the correspondence between the quantity of e-liquid and the number of cigarettes? When you have just started vaping or intend to do so to quit smoking, knowing the equivalence between the e-liquid that you put in the electronic cigarette and the number of cigarettes smoked is important. Nicovip enlightens you on this subject!

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How to have a good hit?

Former smokers who take up electronic cigarettes will often be looking for their old sensations and in particular that of the hit. The hit or throat hit is this tingling sensation in the throat that is caused by the nicotine present in tobacco products. So, how to faithfully reproduce the effect of the cigarette to smoke with the hit of the electronic cigarette? Two questions to which vapers will find the answers in this blog post on vaping.

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The 3 things to consider before buying an electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette is today the most effective substitute for quitting smoking. 

Today there are many different models of e-cigarettes, here are the three main things to consider before buying an electronic cigarette. It is important to determine which model best suits your needs.

TIP: To buy equipment, we advise you to go to the store, the advice provided is optimal and the after-sales service will be more efficient in the event of problems, especially for a beginner! 

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How to choose your first e-cigarette?

Ask the right questions

You are rightly convinced that the e-cigarette will help you smoke less and you are tempted by the idea of ​​a different vape with an exciting variety of tastes to discover. You are therefore ready to turn to the electronic cigarette. It is still necessary to make the right choice in a field where there are many references and diverse technologies, both for the cigarette itself and in the choice of liquids.

There are many questions to ask and their answers will determine your choice of e-cigarette. Do not hesitate to take your time to make a comparison of the models that you will find on our site and in our stores.

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