ProVari P3

ProVari P3

For many years, the ProVape ProVari was undoubtedly the best e-cigarette (better known as personal vaporizer) in the market.

The popularity of this brand was promoted due to its performance and build quality; it was also a USA-produced product that people would prefer buying. However lately, though, people have begun to comment that the ProVari has become outdated to some extent.

Today, you can find a greater assortment of personal vaporizers than ever, from Bluetooth e-cigarettes to vaporizers that can function with both e-liquid and loose leaf tobacco. Most of these, being produced in China, cost much less than the ProVari.

The specialists at ProVape have been working hard in the lab, though. Just in time for Christmas, they’ve launched the ProVari P3. It starts at a significant sum, which is more than the original ProVari. But the previous version is still being offered and appears to have very similar features.

But experienced smokers will definitely investigate the case and find the differences. Samples from ProVape will help to test and come to the right conclusion. Afterwards, they will begin to appreciate the differences between the ProVari P3 and the ProVari Classic which are quite obvious.