Quality e-cigarettes

6Eco-Vape is a UK company from England, specializing in the production of e-liquid brands for electronic cigarettes. In their country, the guys are quite popular and enjoy success. This is due to the high
Quality e-cigarettes of their e-liquid flavors along with moderate e-liquid wholesale prices.

The company markets a wide vape juice brands list as well as e-liquid ingredients for the vape flavors diy. Regarding all this, we want to tell you about the collection of Milkshake, which attracted our attention as we are lovers of the best e-juice brands.

First, we will tell you something about the packaging and bottles. All e-liquids are distributed in cartons, which are stylized as milk cartons. It looks interesting, of course, but we know that the idea is quite not new. The same solution is presented by Milkman.

Bottles are made of plastic, pipettes are missing. This decision was made solely for the sake of economy. And you know, we are even glad to pay a little less, and get the same taste packed into plastic. But do not forget to pour the liquid into the glass, it will be saved longer.

The Milkshake collection consists of ten wholesale e-juice flavors. The manufacturer does not bother to indicate the description onlie. The composition of the liquid must be determined on the label, it is understood that the other ingredients are not contained I these e-liquids. So, we can talk about the vape juice brands without nicotine.

Banana. Milk cocktail with a taste of bananas. Personally, this mix reminded us the delicious protein cocktails with a banana.

Chocolate is probably the most popular type of milkshake. I do not know what kind of chocolate they use, but if it’s milk, then the divine taste is secured.

Coconut Bar. A paradise pleasure of consuming e-liquids with a taste of Bounty.

Cookies & Cream. In this mix. the producer gives a reference to the famous OREO cookies. Do you want to feel a cookie melting in your mouth?