Refillable Electronic Cigarette

The rechargeable e-cigarette is a very convenient model for all categories of vapers, whether they are old, light or heavy smokers, beginners or experienced.

Upon receipt, the customer can directly use his gadget because it will be immediately ready for use. This makes using the rechargeable Evoque very easy.

The rechargeable Evoque is equipped with a reservoir system. For this rechargeable model, the Tank system has been further improved to obtain an even more satisfactory air flow for its user. The latter is free to fill the cartridge with an e-liquid of his preference. The refillable Evoque’s reservoir has a large capacity of 1.5ml. Thanks to this large e-liquid storage capacity and also thanks to the great reliability of its battery (400mAh), this model has considerably higher autonomy compared to its predecessors. It can last for at least 6 hours of continuous use of the device without recharging. This is total comfort for its owner.

To charge the battery, the user does not need to unscrew it because this can be done quite simply by using a cable and connecting this cable to a base designed for this purpose. In this way, the vaper can continue to enjoy his device quietly. In addition, the existence of a silicone tip on the rechargeable Evoque e-cigarette prevents any risk of leakage and heat. This tip also contributes to extending the life of the cartridge.

The “Tank” system also makes refilling with e-liquid very practical because the vaper can fill a cartridge separately or simply buy one that is already full.

To ensure that your transition to the safe world of electronic cigarettes goes smoothly and allows you to enjoy the real benefits, it is always advisable to consult the best dealers. Avoid at all costs starting to vape with a poor quality device or falling by simple chance on an obsolete or faulty model.