Resistance Of An Electronic Cigarette

When using an electronic cigarette, there is a term that is often used: resistance. Resistance is one of the essential elements of an electronic cigarette. The resistance is nothing but a resistive wire and cotton. By heating, the e-liquid is transformed into vapour. The resistance is a consumable linked to the use of an electronic cigarette. This little guide to the coil explains what an electronic cigarette coil is used for and how it works.

The resistance of an electronic cigarette is a wearing part, ie it has a limited lifespan depending on its use. In general, the lifespan is given in several fillings. It is an easy landmark for vapers. If you no longer remember the number of fillings carried out, other witnesses will tell you that it is time to replace your resistance: a lower volume of vapour, altered restitution of flavours and sometimes an unpleasant taste in the mouth. The replacement of the resistance is then necessary. Ideally, it is also advisable to replace the resistance when changing the flavour of e-liquid so as not to mix the aromas. You can also clean your clearomizer and use the same resistor. However, you will have a mixture of flavours during the first puffs.

Each electronic cigarette is compatible with one or more resistance models. For example, for the APOLLO clearomiser, 3 models of resistors are available: NR Mesh 0.18 Ω, NR2-OCC 0.4 Ω and NiCr 1.2 Ω. Under these somewhat barbaric terms hide the alloy of the resistor and its value in ohms. Depending on the resistance value, a power range is recommended. On electronic cigarettes without settings, you do not have to do anything. The power is parameterized concerning the value of the resistance. For a box where you can adjust the power, you must follow the recommendations in the user manual or generally listed on the resistance. This allows you to have optimal use of your electronic cigarette.