Special e-liquid ingredients of each certain composition

The problem of e-cigarette fillings is a primary question, exciting many scientists, doctors, but it is more important for those who decided to quit smoking and start using e-liquids. The answer is necessary to comprehend the importance of inhaling e-liquid flavors.
Although many years after the first presentation of e-cigarettes have passed, scientists are still leading researches of possible e-cigarette effects on the human body. Maybe, they do not know all details yet, but they have already managed to significantly study the e-liquid ingredients and distinguish the main and supplementary components among them. The study was necessary for better purity of e-liquid brands, which can be caused by poor-value stuff. So, the main components are distinguished, which include:
e-liquid nicotine;

– propylene glycol;
– vegetable glycerin;
– distilled water;
– flavorings.
The best e-liquid flavor concentrate must include these components, but their proportions will vary.
In traditional e-liquids, the substance ratios are normally amounted to:
55 till 62% propylene glycol;
30 till 35% glycerol;
zero till 3.6% nicotine;
two to 4% flavorings.

The distilled water content is more individual.
The liquid for electronic cigarettes based on glycerin is called soft. Its other name is velvet cloud. This liquid contains about 80% glycerin. The remaining components are nicotine, flavorings, water that are contained in the same volumes as in the traditional cheap premium vape juice.
Hard e-liquids are based on propylene glycol. They are also called ice blade. Their proportions of propylene glycol can be very high (65 up to 95%). The content of nicotine is rated by zero to 3.6%, the contents of flavorings are two to 4%. These are the basic details, which are important to all vapers.
To understand how safe electronic cigarettes are, it is worth examining their composition in details.