The beautiful days are coming and the hot weather with it! To make the most of it while vaping, it is essential to put in place good practices so as not to put yourself in danger and to keep your equipment in good condition. So, what are the precautions to take in summer to properly store your e-liquids and preserve your electronic cigarette?

Protect your batteries from heat

Heat is not your batteries’ best friend. Whether it is spare accumulators or internal batteries for your electronic cigarette, it is always important to avoid exposing them to excessive temperature variations. As for the summer, as soon as the sun begins to make itself felt and the thermometers exceed 30°C, you have to pay all your attention to your batteries and accumulators.

The trick is not to expose them too long to the sun. Manufacturers of batteries and accumulators recommend that they should not be exposed to a temperature that exceeds 45°C. However, if you put your cigarette on a table on the terrace exposed to direct sunlight or if you forget it in your car, this temperature could quickly be exceeded. You should therefore keep it with you, in your pocket or optimally protected in your backpack.

Do not leave your e-liquid in the sun

Not exposing your e-liquids to heat also means not exposing yourself to potential leaks that could occur by leaving your clearomiser in the sun. Because yes, in high heat, your e-liquids will tend to become fluid and potentially create leaks.

To counter these leaks, you can opt for e-liquids with a higher dosage of VG, which will thus be thicker and prevent your liquid from becoming too fluid if exposed to heat. But it is still necessary that this dosage of PG / VG is suitable for the resistances that you use.

Also, the heat can have the effect of altering the nicotine of your e-liquids. Your e-liquids, if exposed too long to high heat, will contain less nicotine. This oxidation is likely to create some problems for a person in full transition and full nicotine withdrawal, who is on vacation and not necessarily near an electronic cigarette shop. In addition, it has the disadvantage of making you lose money because your e-liquid may no longer suit you.

Protect your hardware

Between long walks and outings to the beach, your equipment will see all the colours during the summer! For this, it is important to protect your equipment from the various elements it may encounter. At the beach, whether it is the sun or the sand, it is better to leave your electronic cigarette in a protective case for as long as possible. The sand will interfere less easily in your tank and this will limit the effects of the sun’s rays, even if for the heat, it is best to always leave your electronic cigarette in the shade.