The average cost of E-Cigarette Kit

The average cost of E-Cigarette Kit

The price of electronic cigarette is directly proportional to the reliability of this device. That is, the more expensive model – the longer it will last and will provide more opportunities to its owner. The price is also determined by a complete set of device, number of replaced elements, liquids, etc. For example, models with push button battery is often more expensive than automatic, but these batteries are more convenient and reliable in operation.

Expensive models

For the most part, in this price range are presented battery mods and very serious kits that are designed for true connoisseurs of electronic smoking. This e-devices for smokers who are used to smoke more than 2 packs a day, or for those who like only the best, fashionable and highly functional, multi-functional electronic gadgets, fashion accessories. (the average cost of Heavy Smoker vary from 125-150 $ to how many you will be able to spend)

Moderate price

In this price range are placed more universal electronic cigarettes, suitable for different intensity of smoking. This devices can have many options that will allow you to make smoking more comfortable. E-Cigarettes of moderate price category can be the best gift for those who need a serious device, that will allow to cope with the bad habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes or completely abandon them. (The average cost of Regular Smoker of e cigarette vary from 30-50 $ to 100-150 $)

Starter Kit, Kit Mini, low price E-cigarettes

In this category are situated mainly starting models, which can be expanded by the user in the future, disposable, changed to another without costing. They are quite simple in their functionality. Often, this kits have one battery, it is assumed that the user with time, will buy another one battery, will improve the system of evaporation or even will move to other more suitable device. Thus, getting a starter kit, the user in the future will be able to independently collect the kit that will suit him best. (The average cost of starter E-Cigarette kit vary from 6-10 $ to 25-35 $)