The distinguishing of pods for vape was caused by the branch development

pods for vapeAt the dawn of vaping, manufacturers were offering outwardly simple, low-power devices. These were closed systems that did not allow the winding of a spiral, or to perform any other actions aimed at servicing the product. That caused the development of pods for vape because such limited functionality was not to everyone’s liking, and brands, taking up the general tendency to improve devices, launched new devices to the market. The appearance of pods for vape today allows the vapers to service the device on their own: create and install spirals, fill in liquid, etc.

Modern models of pods for vape are real cars that can be accelerated to high power. They are equipped with information screens, have control buttons, pleasing with multifunctionality. Despite this, there are always those who do not want to carry an overall device, spend time rewinding it, and experiment with spirals. For this category of users there are cartridge Pod systems that are similar in draft to cigarette smoking, suggest a simple and quick replacement of the vaporizer component. All pods for vape are divided into two groups: open and shut pods for vape.

Shutdown pods for vape completely eliminate the possibility of the user interfering in the process. Open pods for vape are called systems that are no different from closed systems, with the exception of two factors – they allow refilling of the cartomizer, and sometimes replacement of the evaporator.
At the same time, such an opportunity should be provided by the manufacturer himself, and not by rough disassembly of the cartridge. Some closed systems can be refilled by “working with a file”, but this does not make them open.
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