Integration into the universe of the vape requires a certain adaptation. You are probably asking yourself questions: how to vape correctly? In this article that follows, you will find explanations that will certainly be useful to you.

Vaping is not smoking

Most smokers begin by taking it through the mouth, drawing the smoke deep into their lungs before releasing it. The power of the first inhalation with the mouth and the length of time smoke remains in the lungs vary depending on the person who smokes.

As a result, it is common to see that a smoker accustomed to smoking strong cigarettes, and who begins to consume light cigarettes, will be in the habit of taking fairly large puffs, both in their frequency and in their intensity, to satisfy the lack of nicotine. This is why many professionals in the field of tobacco agree that there is not a big difference between light and strong cigarettes, they are all dangerous. It should be noted that the danger can still be even more present with light cigarettes because the smoker tends to pull faster, which increases the combustion temperature, thereby producing harmful substances in higher phases.

Tobacco experts call this process: auto titration. To be more precise, the brain of the person who smokes, is aware of the exact dose of nicotine it needs, therefore, it triggers behavioral mechanisms appropriate to the circumstances in order to have satisfaction. It is possible that the frequency of cigarette intake will not be the same depending on the time of day, the type of cigarettes used, the level of stress, etc.

With regard to the electronic cigarette, the principle of self-titration remains similar, with an essential difference that the nicotine contained in the electronic liquids for e-cigarettes, does not reach the hoop as quickly as compared to conventional cigarettes. In addition, the nicotine level in conventional cigarettes is increased by complex chemical reactions resulting from the combustion of tobacco, as well as the specific treatment of the latter in the factory. In addition, the smoker who switches to vaping must adjust his behaviour to have the correct doses of nicotine for his smoking brain. 

Gently vape daily

First, to start vaping correctly, it is important to ensure that your e-cigarette is properly supplied with electronic liquid. However, if not, there is a good chance that it may cause an anomaly, such as a dry puff or even a dry hit, which is not pleasant at all. Rest assured, the human body perceives these substances very quickly: an acrid taste in the mouth, pungent and dry, and sometimes even unbearable.

Thereafter, it will be necessary to be attentive to the settings of your tool and to make sure that the latter has specific configuration probabilities, such as the variation of the power or the voltage for example. Note that you should not under any circumstances overheat your resistance for not much, at the risk of favouring a possible production of harmful elements abnormally high in the steam. Also, it is essential to always refer to the user manual to know the best practices for using your electronic cigarette.

Vaping in four steps

For successful vaping, there are steps to follow. First, once your e-cigarette is in your mouth, press the power button, commonly called switch or fire, in the language of vapers. It is useless to press this button if your electronic cigarette is not even in your mouth. Know that the air created by the inhalation contributes to the cooling of the resistance, however, the objective is not to heat it too much. The button should only be activated at the start of the inhalation.

Then, to vape, know that you have to inhale with your mouth, just like what you did with your classic cigarette, however, go slower. Thereafter, avoid keeping the steam too long. When inhaling the steam with your lungs, try not to keep it too long even if it means spitting out a small amount of steam. Perhaps the visual aspect of the smoke seems fortuitous to you, however, it still has its importance. It is true that seeing the smoke, newly transformed into vapour, is in our case, satisfying both for the eyes and for the brain. Apart from that, staggering the puffs is essential to avoid overheating the resistance of your atomizer. However, do not pay attention to the number of puffs. It’s completely normal,

Concerning the nicotine contained in electronic cigarettes

It is good to know that the nicotine spread by an electronic cigarette takes longer to penetrate the blood and does not arrive there with the same tenacity. To reach the same level of nicotine, the vaper must vape more frequently and for longer than the smoker. Know that the classic cigarette brings a hit, which is not the case with the electronic cigarette to a certain extent. Nicotine at normal doses does not show any health risk. It should be noted that it is the chemical elements that come from the combustion of tobacco that can cause very significant problems.

In conclusion, know how to take your time. Getting rid of tobacco is a real challenge, even with accessories as complex as contemporary electronic cigarettes. However, it must be said that this device is effective and useful for your smoking cessation. After a short period of adaptation, entering the world of vaping is not complicated. Your body will feel much better with the vape than with the classic cigarette.