Vape juice brands without diacetyl – the core

Vape juice brandsIn this review we want to tell you about very interesting vape juice brands without diacetyl. They are produced by Alp Liq Company that positions itself as a Swiss manufacturer of cheap premium vape juice.

And, it is worth noting, this is not just a marchitecture. E-liquid flavors are really very pleasant, at least for the most part. But there are some premium e-liquid (What is the liquid for vaping?) cheap e-cigarettes that, in our opinion, should be recycled a bit by the manufacturer. Although, you must understand that our opinion is subjective and you can evaluate these tastes quite differently.

Let’s move on to e-liquid reviews.

So, at the moment Alp Liq offers several lines of liquid, this is Alp Liq Collection in glass bottles of 30ml, consisting of five flavors, which in  our opinion will perfectly suit those who like to vape to the maximum, as well as a line of liquids in plastic bottles of 10ml, which is divided into several lines: Natural, Shisha, Fruity Gourmet, Tobacco and Halal.

It is also worth noting that Alp Liq liquids are manufactured according to the manufacturer’s assurances out of  the best e-liquid ingredients (PG / VG / nicotine) of the French Alchem Company, as well as the best e-liquid flavor concentrate of Mane, one of the largest producers of flavors for the food industry and perfume in Europe. Also the manufacturer declares that all used top vape flavors are natural and all wholesale e-juice flavors are exclusive and designed specifically for Alp Liq.

And, of course, there are no diketones in general, and diacetyl in particular, these are vape juice brands without diacetyl, which is confirmed by the tests of an independent laboratory in England.

The content of PG / VG / Aroma depends on the type of liquid:
Mixes – 50% / 40% / 10%
Ordinary tastes – 60% / 30% / 10%
We recommend you to look for these e-cigarettes by e-liquid wholesale distributors and try them.