It’s decided, your reservations are made. Leaves taken, you are going on vacation this summer to recharge your batteries, and you are quite right. Electronic cigarette in the suitcase, take a look at our vacation vaper checklist, it will surely be very useful to you.

You won’t be out of battery!

To be sure to be fully charged and not to find yourself running out of battery at an aperitif with friends, during your excursions or on your walks on the beach… We advise you to take in your suitcases: a mobile phone charger that will allow you to charge your e-cigarette.

Get a charger with a USB port to charge your battery in your car.

A box you will prefer

Without any discrimination, it is better to favour a box that is charged with batteries rather than an e-cigarette with an integrated battery. Here is the portrait, you are at the beach and your battery e-cigarette is no longer charged, and you have nothing to charge. We will have to wait for the return home.

Ideally, equip yourself with a box with several batteries that you have previously charged, you will last for whole days. Or, have several batteries that fit on your clearomiser, but in terms of budget, it’s not a great investment.

Finally, for a matter of practicality, prefer clearomizers that open from the top for easier filling.

You will worry about your e-liquids…

Take care of your fluids as you do your skin and eyes. Indeed, the sun’s rays have consequences on your e liquids, they will lose flavour and quality. We advise you to keep them under a parasol, away from the heat and the sun.

Opt for tanks made of Pyrex rather than plastic ones. Clearomisers coated with stainless steel are also good products to protect your e liquids.

Of the sand, you will be wary

The sand, the beach, the sun and the shells are great! But sand sticks and we have it everywhere.

These millions of grains will certainly try to infiltrate your e-cigarette and it may not appreciate at all.

We recommend keeping your E-cigarette in an airtight plastic bag, which will protect it from the sand.

At the restaurant, you won’t forget it

Taken in the frenzy of the holidays, you are out of the restaurant, heading for the seaside to enjoy a sweet ice cream. And then woe!! You forgot your E-cigarette. Yes, you are not the only one to whom this has happened! On vacation it’s probably the only e-cigarette you took with you, so be careful with it, don’t leave it alone at the risk of not finding it ^^.

Predicting you will be!

Which E-liquid to choose? How much resistance to take with you? So many complicated questions, especially since for the holidays, we tend to take everything with us. The fear of missing out pushes us to plan and take trivialities with us, even if it means forgetting the essentials.

To be sure not to miss anything, you have to take into account the destination and the means of transport. If you stay in France and travel by car, you can take your E liquids without worrying. At worst, you will find a small shop just in case, with more or less equivalent prices.

You can also order online and have it delivered to your vacation spot. If you go abroad by plane, it’s more complicated. Find out about the laws of the country to find out if the e-cigarette is authorized, if the airline allows it and if liquids are on sale in the country to define what you will need.

We recommend 60 ml capacities which are still more practical. Again, it depends on your consumption. For some, the 10 ml is barely enough for the day, it’s up to you to adapt.

With all these little tips, you are ready for a well-deserved vacation.

And you, have you ever had “holiday galleys” with your e-cigarette? Tell us everything in the comments.

In the meantime, happy holidays and happy vaping!