Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch

Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch

The Vapor Couture Maximale Kit includes a smart phone clutch in black, red, purple or white colors. We think that the black color looks the best and actually is the most popular for different devices, but all four colors are nice.

If you decide not to purchase the Maximale Kit, the smart phone clutch is also offered as a separate purchase with the coupon code if you are a repeated customer. The clutch is made from leather and offers production for your Vapor Couture e-cigarette together with most preferred smart phone models, several credit cards and other personal accessories.

In general, the smart phone clutch holds two batteries, four additional refill cartridges and a USB charger. If you don’t already have a clutch that you need, the Vapor Couture smart phone clutch is a great find and well worth taking into consideration as a necessary thing in everyday routine.

 The Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch features a zippered compartment, capable of storing two Vapor Couture Batteries, four Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges and one Smart Charger. A second zippered compartment easily accommodates your smart phone. This elegant clutch is made of genuine leather and is available in just your choice of color: Plum, Crimson, Black or White; each shade comes with a chic grey interior lining. The Vapor Couture logo in silver hardware adorns a flap top which fastens around the bag with a magnetic closure.

Follow a designer fashion with the Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch. This stylish leather case protects your batteries and cartridges. This is achieved due to the added space for your smart phone, credit cards and a few other small items. Your Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch comes with two classic styles of detachable straps: one long and the other, a wristlet.

The long strap is made of leather braided through a silver-toned chain; making the clutch look like a shoulder bag that perfectly accents any daytime outlook. Switch to the leather wristlet strap and your Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch is perfect for a night out. Your friends will like it.