What are the best e-liquid tastes?

Did you know ?!

To date, there are more different tastes of e-liquids than water bottle brands in the world! While the electronic cigarette market has grown steadily since its inception, the number of products offered by the latter to your selection continues to grow. This is such that it is difficult, especially for a beginner in vaping, to know which products to focus on…What are the best e-liquid tastes? 

Regarding the tastes of e-liquids for example, which ones do you absolutely have to try when you start your vaping experience?

In an attempt to answer this subjective question for you, we’ve listed the best e-liquid flavours available below based on their popularity.

What are the best tastes of e-liquids: definition of the different types

First of all and before dwelling on the best tastes of e-liquids, it is necessary to know them in more detail. Did you know, for example, that e-liquids fall into 4 distinct families?

Classic e -liquids, fruity e-liquids, mint e-liquids and gourmet e-liquids.

Note however and particularly in recent years, e-liquids have emerged belonging to two families. This is the case for example of fruity and gourmet e-liquids which win the preferences of many vapers.

What are the best tastes of e-liquids: a first and foremost personal answer

If and like nutrition all tastes are in nature, it is easy to notice that certain e-liquids win the fervour of a large majority of electronic cigarette users, worldwide:

1. The best tastes of e-liquids: tobacco tastes

You guessed it, e-liquids with tobacco flavours are highly appreciated by global vapers, and even more so by beginners. This is explained in the first place by the fact that many former smokers enjoy the taste of tobacco, ingrained as a signature in the addiction. 

If you are new to using an electronic cigarette, we advise you to use a tobacco-flavoured e-liquid for your first sessions so as not to be too disoriented by this experience.

2. The best tastes of e-liquids: fruit flavours

With the exception of tobacco flavored e-liquids, those with fruit flavors are the most popular, by far… Last year, 52% of respondents preferred fruit flavours to all others, and we fully understand why.

Fruit flavors blend easily with a wide range of other everyday flavors, such as desserts, drinks and even menthol chewing gum. In addition, fruit aromas are the little darlings of summer periods when their flavours bring a touch of exoticism and help counter the effects of heat.