What is a mech mod?

The latest technological developments in the field of electronic cigarettes have given rise to new equipment. Ultra powerful and highly customizable, so-called “mod” boxes and tubes are aimed at experienced vapers. Especially when it comes to mecha mods.

Electro mod VS mechanical mod: what are the differences?

In the world of mods, there are two types of equipment: electro box mods and mechanical box mods. If both work with rechargeable batteries , they are however very different. The tubes and electro box are equipped with a chipset , which prevents overheating of the batteries while guaranteeing the safety of the vaper. This also allows them, thanks to the addition of a screen, to access many settings and adapt their vape to their desires.

For their part, tubes and mechanical boxes offer a more refined design and limited functionality. If the electro material allows access to many modes of vape, from temperature control to variable voltage mode, the mechanical mods have only one mode of use . However, do not be mistaken: who says fewer features does not say less powerful. Similarly, the absence of a chipset does not mean that electro mods do without any adjustment.

The meca mod: simplicity and performance

A tube or a mechanical box is distinguished by a simple and refined design. Here, no screen, buttons, or USB socket. The mechanism is batteries, a switch, and a screw thread for the atomizer . That’s all. In the absence of chipset and electronic circuit, the battery therefore directly transmits its maximum voltage to the atomizer, a voltage which will decrease as the battery loses autonomy.

The power sent to the resistance is not adjustable directly by the user, at least not during the use of the electronic cigarette. In reality, it is in the choice of batteries that everything is at stake: it is the discharge current of the batteries which defines the power sent by the mechanical mod, and therefore the power of the vape. The vaper must then choose or manufacture the resistors adapted to his equipment. This is the delicate part of vaping with a tube or a mech box, which requires a good knowledge of Ohm’s Law .

What is an Electro Mecha Box?

An electro mecha Box (or Semi Mecha) is a hybrid mod that is between an electronic Box and a mechanical mod. These models allow you to enjoy an unregulated vape , like on a mechanical mod, while benefiting from electronic protection against short circuits and other overheating. This is made possible by the integration of a small transistor called “Mofset” , which like a switch, allows the electric current to flow or not depending on the activation of the ignition switch. An ideal choice for vapers wishing to gradually evolve towards a Full Meca Mod!

Equipment reserved for vaping experts

If the meca mod is a material that is intended only for confirmed vapers, it is because it involves risks. Indeed, a resistance that is poorly adapted to its box or its mechanical tube can cause various problems. This ranges from short circuit to overheating , even an explosion when using defective equipment. This is the reason why this type of battery is strongly discouraged for beginners.

You need to have fairly advanced knowledge of vaping before embarking on the world of mods. As well as good basics in physics ! While none of the equipment is inherently dangerous, misuse of these powerful batteries can pose a risk. Fortunately, there are hybrid models of meca mods today that are equipped with an electronic module entirely dedicated to safety.