What is a ready-to-boost e-liquid?

Base, aromas, additives, booster… A large number of products are necessary for the manufacture of e-liquids. Fortunately, there is also an easy solution to get started with DIY: ready-to-boost liquid.

An economical solution

Depending on the type of vape, the purchase of e-liquids can represent a significant part of the vaper’s budget. Lovers of direct inhalation, and therefore large volumes of vapour, generally consume a lot of e-liquid. To save money, they then turn to DIY, or “Do it Yourself”. This consists of making your e-liquids by buying all the elements that compose them separately. 

A little more expensive than the pure and hard DIY, the ready-to-boost e-liquid solution, also called “large format” still allows you to make interesting savings. On average, with the ready-to-boost, we obtain e-liquids at a price of less than €4 for 10 ml. The ready-to-booster is ultimately an intermediate solution between the purchase of ready-to-vape e-liquid and DIY, whether in terms of price or simplicity.

The ready-to-boost, the easy DIY

DIY is not a very complicated process. But if making its liquids is within everyone’s reach, not everyone wants to embark on such an enterprise. To do DIY, you need time, patience, but also a lot of material. DIY is above all a hobby in which vape enthusiasts indulge, as much for savings as for pleasure.

For those who don’t dare to get started, the ready-to-booster e-liquid allows you to learn DIY without fear. No need to buy a big DIY kit with syringes, pipettes and bottles. Nor to buy the base, nicotine booster, flavours and additives separately. You just need to get two things: a flavoured base, and nicotine boosters. Then just pour the number of boosters necessary to obtain the right dosage of nicotine in the base, and you’re done.

How to mix your ready-to-boost e-liquid?

In most cases, the production of an e-liquid from a ready-to-booster bottle does not require the purchase of any additional equipment. Indeed, these bottles often have a capacity greater than their actual capacity. Most bottles then contain 50ml of ready-to-booster e-liquid for a capacity of 60 to 70ml. This, therefore, makes it possible to add one or two nicotine boosters directly to the flavoured base. This dosage makes it possible to obtain an e-liquid dosed with 3 or 6mg of nicotine. For a higher dosage, it will then be necessary to obtain empty bottles to mix it.