The vape is a wonderful universe where the choice of material for vapers is considerable. But it’s a double-edged sword: if the range is plethoric, it offers all prices and allows you to personalize your vaping experience to get the best out of it, it is also sometimes a source of complexity when you have to choose the best tank or the best dripper… Finding the reconstructable atomizer the most suitable for our vaping needs, which will go perfectly with electronic cigarettes, all with the best possible value for money is not easy! The choice is vast when it comes to the best rebuildable atomizers. Different shapes, multiple colours, infinite assembly possibilities, top or bottom filling, a more or less generous tank, a single coil deck or dual coil… How do you know which is the best reconstructable atomizer in the vape?

One of the first answers can be linked to the category of the rebuildable atomizer. You should know that there are several families of atomizers: direct inhalation atomizers for cloud chasers and indirect inhalation atomizers, for vapers who bet everything on flavours. But also dripper-type atomizers and those with a reservoir: tanks. The best remains the one that best suits your favourite draw and your use.


A draw reminiscent of the action of smoking, indirect inhalation, also known as MTL, consists of swallowing the vapour, keeping it in the mouth and then sending it to the lungs. This two-step method of vaping is made possible by atomizers equipped with assembly plates which can, most of the time, only accommodate a single coil. Rebuildable atomizers dedicated to indirect inhaling favour a restricted air inlet as well as a narrow drip tip to limit the flow of air. They are the preferred choice of vapers who use e-liquids with a high nicotine level. Rebuildable atomizers with indirect inhaling are particularly recommended for vapers looking for a reasonable vape, essentially focused on flavours and hit in the throat.


If your nicotine level is low and your priority is vapour production, rebuildable atomizers geared towards direct inhaling, also called DL, will be the best choice for you. With these products, it is generally possible to set up two resistances and therefore to send very high powers. But who says high powers also says consequent airflow… Indeed, to ensure better cooling of the assembly, a large quantity of air must be able to reach the resistance. These reconstructable atomizers, which therefore provide a very airy vape, are also equipped with large drip tips which make it possible to draw in a large dose of vapour in a short time. If you recognize your vape in these few lines, a  dripper is likely to satisfy you, but many rebuildable tanks today allow you to reach impressive volumes of steam!

This is already the first way to choose your rebuildable atomizer. You should also know that all our product sheets allow you to know in which category the atomizer you are looking for is located. The price can also guide you in your decision.


But other criteria can also come into play regarding the choice of reconstructable material. This is particularly the case with the type of mounting plate which accommodates the resistance. On this point, manufacturers compete in imagination to develop the best product. If all the atomizer trays are necessarily made up of the famous positive and negative poles to install the resistance, these are not always arranged in the same way. Some work vertically while others are designed more horizontally. There isn’t a better set, it’s up to everyone. Posts with clamps, spring-mounted, with Phillips screws or Allen screws… The possibilities are endless and we strongly advise you to consult our product sheet, and in particular its photos,


The look of the atomizer is undeniably another selection criterion. All tastes are found in nature, it is not at this point that our guide will be able to help you tell the difference, especially since most of the rebuildable atomizers are offered in different colours! But we encourage you to pay attention to certain specific characteristics such as the capacity of the e-liquid tank, its filling method, its airflows, the size of its drip tip or the size of the mounting plate. These criteria will help you select the best rebuildable atomizer.


For some vapers, the price is an important selection criterion that determines which rebuildable atomizer is the best. But don’t be fooled by appearances, the most expensive tank is not necessarily the best material. The entire range of tanks and more specifically dripper or MTL tanks comes from a careful selection from the biggest equipment manufacturers. Quality yes, but for all budgets! 


Finally, don’t forget that you should choose your atomizer, whether it is RDA, RTA or RDTA, depending on the type of e-liquid you plan to use. For atomizers with small e-liquid inlets, it is recommended to use a liquid that does not have too much VG. On the contrary, the atomizers equipped with imposing arrivals of e-liquid express themselves fully with a high rate of VG. Put too much propylene glycol and you will be entitled to leaks or liquid rises!

Does a doubt remain? There are no problems, only solutions. Put aside your clearomiser and set off to attack the best atomisers for electronic cigarettes!