Available from several brands such as Eleaf, the e-cigarette is made up of two groups of elements which are the clearomiser and the battery. It is the clearomiser which contains the reservoir in which the e-liquid to be vaped is introduced, the resistance and the drip tip that the vaper puts in the mouth. The clearomiser is therefore a component that plays a key role in the operation of the electronic cigarette.

Is it possible to replace the resistor wick?

It is not recommended to replace the wick of the resistance of your clearomiser because you risk damaging your resistance and causing leaks. As a reminder, the average life of a coil is around 3000 puffs. It will be necessary to replace the resistance in its entirety as soon as you feel a burnt taste when you vape.

How to know if it is necessary to change its clearomiser or its resistance to electronic cigarettes?

When the vaper begins to have a bad result with his e-cigarette (bad taste, leak etc.), it may be just the coil that has a problem and not the clearomiser. It is therefore important to determine the real cause of the problem.

During your vape, if the taste of your e-liquid has changed and has become a little acrid whatever its aroma, it is a sign that the resistance is starting to be defective and that it must be changed.

When should I replace my clearomiser?

To know whether to change the clearomizer, you just have to be attentive. If you observe leaks at the base of your clearomizer or that the clearomizer still does not work after replacing your resistance, you must change the clearomizer. In this case, after the change, you will have to buy the resistors adapted to your new clearomiser.

It can be complicated to find the right clearomizer among the wide choice on sale in the trade. To guide you in your choice, find our article on “ Choosing the clearomiser for your electronic cigarette ”.

How do I know that my clearomiser is suitable for my battery?

Generally, all clearomizers are suitable for your battery. They are connected either by the external male thread of your battery or by the internal female thread, also called the 510 thread. However, in some cases, it is necessary to add an adapter ring.