DIY has many advantages and is therefore gaining more and more followers. But before launching headlong into preparations worthy of the greatest flavourists, it is imperative to determine your needs. As with e-liquids, the bases are different, so it’s up to you to select the one that best meets your expectations and desires.


PG and VG are two components that are always present in a DIY e-liquid base for electronic cigarettes. Always present, of course, but not always in the same quantities. It is the variation of this ratio that will determine whether we will have more vapour or more flavours and hit, knowing that vegetable glycerin offers an aerial vape while propylene glycol reveals the aromas. Your vape will therefore not be the same depending on the composition of your DIY base. 


A follower of the electronic cigarette who wants a very dense vapour and who has little interest in the hit, that is to say in this famous sensation of a slight tingling in the throat during the passage of the vapour, will have to turn into a base essentially composed of vegetable glycerin. The VG has the particularity of being relatively thick and favouring the production of vapour, but it will also tend to reduce the flavours and limit the hit.

Also, pay attention to the equipment you use. A lot of vegetable glycerin means that you need a reconstructable atomizer of the dripper type or a clearomizer equipped with suitable resistors. The  TFV resistors from SMOK are the perfect example.


Users of the electronic cigarette who are fond of flavours and powerful hits will tend to go for a base highly concentrated in propylene glycol and this is the right choice… A high level of PG will reinforce the contraction of the larynx during the aspiration and will deliver a good hit. But that’s not all, propylene glycol is also a great aroma conductor. Thanks to it, the preparations will have more taste, but the vapour produced will be much less consistent… And of course, if the VG is thick, the PG is very fluid. A Nautilus-style clearomiser or an atomiser intended for indirect inhaling is highly recommended!


You know a little more about the composition of DIY bases for electronic cigarettes. So if you want to produce a large vapor, a base rich in VG will be your best ally. On the other hand, if you swear only by the flavors and the hit, a more concentrated base in PG is recommended! And you can easily guess that a base made up of 50% PG and 50% VG will offer a consistent hit and more than reasonable steam.

The secret of DIY lies in the dosages. Determine your needs, choose your favorite ingredients and above all, treat yourself!