Which electronic cigarette battery to choose?

You will find our advice via this tool to choose your variable or fixed electronic cigarette battery at the best price.

In addition to the aesthetic appearance or the price of the electronic cigarette battery, many criteria must weigh in the balance, and this to know which electronic cigarette battery to choose.

How does an electronic cigarette battery work?

Fixed current

Fixed current vape batteries deliver current without intervention. The voltage delivered changes as the battery discharges.

Variable current

Variable current vape batteries allow adjustment of the voltage or power delivered, offering an equal vape regardless of the battery charge level. A variable e-cigarette battery is more complex but offers more choices.

Temperature control

Some batteries offer the possibility of using the temperature control function, avoiding the risk of dry hits.


Batteries equipped with the passthrough function allow use while recharging, thus avoiding long hours of waiting or the use of several batteries.

How to choose the autonomy of your electronic cigarette battery?

The autonomy of an electronic cigarette battery, expressed in mAh, reflects the amount of energy that a battery can store. Autonomy, therefore, makes it possible to target the duration of use between recharges. Long battery life is also a guarantee of safety. This is not always the case, but the price of an electronic cigarette battery with a large autonomy can be higher.

  • Small autonomy: 350 mAh to 900 mAh
  • Average autonomy: 1000 mAh to 1500 mAh
  • Great autonomy: Greater than 1600 mAh

Choose a diameter adapted to your clearomizer

Electronic cigarette batteries are available in many diameters. Be sure to purchase an electronic cigarette battery and a clearomizer of the same diameter for an aesthetic result.

How to choose the connectors of your e-cigarette battery?

Two connectors are currently present on a vape battery: eGo and 510.

Adapters allow the use of an eGo clearomizer on a 510 battery and vice versa.

Nevertheless, it is preferable to use directly compatible materials. to preserve the flush aspect.

Choose a battery with variable power

Some variable current electronic cigarette batteries offer the possibility of power adjustment.

Purchase and price of an electronic cigarette battery

Generally, the price of an electronic cigarette battery will fluctuate depending on the autonomy. Indeed, the greater the autonomy, the higher the price of an eGo electronic cigarette battery will be. Some options such as USB or the passthrough function can also be taken into account when purchasing an electronic cigarette.